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  • RATS!

    Buying larger bales makes economic sense too especially if you spot clean. Mixing two substrates like the tea bag stuff with Bedxcel cardboard squares might work well. My mice used to pick up the little squares of cardboard and post them through the bars of the cage! I always remember laughing at that so much. It was just too funny to watch!
  • RATS!

    I have been told off by breeder. I should be picking them up daily so they get used to me and being handled and held. So earlier... I went in! They were kind of surprised having not been troubled by the big pink thing, but once they were out I think they liked it. :)

    I can't add much to what Roz has already said, especially the point about creams making mice scratch even more. If I do have itchy mice with sore skin, I use the Diatomaceous Earth mite powder instead of the Xeno and I use Lamisil anti-fungal cream.

    I also hoover the whole house more than I usually would!


    For treatment my recommendation would be Xeno 50 mini :) It's an ivermectin drop on treatment that you can use on small rodents and the number of drops varies by weight. It's a lot more accurate than a lot of the options that are out there. You use it once a fortnight for 6 weeks to get rid of existing mites and eggs that are on the mice :) I think fuzzy mice can get mites - I know my boy Bandit has mite eggs just now, but he doesn't seem to have actually mites running around on him the way his cagemate does. I'm not sure if they move to another host afterwards?

    As for toys, I found it easiest to get rid of anything cardboard. Any wooden stuff you can get rid of, but I found that with mine I managed to clear mites by soaking in a diluted animal safe disinfectant then drying them out in the oven worked (I tied the freezer as an option but always ended up with more mites.) Prevention can be varied though, and everyone has different methods for that. For me, I now use the mite treatment on the mice once every 8 weeks (more if there is an outbreak) and spray the cage and toys (any that wooden) with a flea treatment (I use RIP flea)  - just do so in a well ventilated area away from any animals and make sure you follow the instuctions. I've found doing that has really helped with mine but in the past I've found using diamatomous earh and cage and hutch mite sprays worked well - it's just not as effective now because of the numbers I have!!)

    As for your buck, I'm not sure what might be best for his skin. I think the xeno 50 mini isn't to be used on broken skin to get rid of existing mites, but you could use a cotton bud to rub the xeno around his fur away fom the broken areas. You can get a tea tree cream or animal creams containing colloidal silver that helps but offhand I can't remember off hand how effective they are :( A lot of creams can really draw an animal's attention which can make them scratch even more. I did try this spray in the past and found it worked really well: https://www.amazon.co.uk/AVIx-Soother-Soothing-Spray-Parrots/dp/B004TA9RYC

    I hope that helps Georgia :)
  • Rescue litter

    From Tuesday's check :)

    I'm so relieved about the colours, there are actually quite a few shades in there so should be able to tell most apart!

  • Rescue litter

    Crittery - I am the lady who commented on the facebook post (Alex). Would gladly take a few girls.

    Anyway, they're adorable, so keep the pics coming :)
  • New Hamster!

    I am so excited! I have a new hamster :D

    He's a 7 week old, sapphire winter white, russian dwarf hamster :D I got a pedigree with him going back to his great great great grandparents, which is really cool. He's so beautiful! I can't believe how fat he looks, compared to my mice X( he just looks like a little round ball of fur!

    I didn't want to bother him, but couldn't resist taking a quick picture when I put him in his cage. I need help thinking of a name though :P
    (not sure how to resize pictures, so sorry it's a little big)

  • "Shunamite" diet principle?

    This link should explain more http://shunamiterats.co.uk/about-this-site/ 
  • Up date on Mickey

    Ah, sorry, I wasn`t sure of Mickey was a mouse or a dwarf hammie! In that case, wood shavings are a no, no. Hemp is a good alternative but make sure it is not sprayed or treated with Citronella, which is sometimes added to hemp to ward of parasites. If your outside the UK I can`t help with brands of hemp, but you could google it and see if you can source it locally. x
  • New girls.

    Hello girls!  :-h I'm sure they'll be very happy with you NuttySian!
    (Also - regarding Princess's name - I take it you're a Friends fan ;) )