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  • Shrews (wild)

    I found a nest of Shrews under a piece of corrugated iron today, thought you might like to see them.

  • Rescue litter

    From Tuesday's check :)

    I'm so relieved about the colours, there are actually quite a few shades in there so should be able to tell most apart!

  • Have I gone completely mad?

    Just a quick update to say all is well, no sign of babies and Parsnip is a much happier little boy having some company.
  • RATS!

    Buying larger bales makes economic sense too especially if you spot clean. Mixing two substrates like the tea bag stuff with Bedxcel cardboard squares might work well. My mice used to pick up the little squares of cardboard and post them through the bars of the cage! I always remember laughing at that so much. It was just too funny to watch!
  • Rescue litter

    Been out the country this week, meant to update before. All doing well and separating tomorrow:)
  • Rescue litter

    We have eyes!! as of yesterday, 'Blinky' the brown girl was the first but she's wide eyed now and quite a few others have followed suit. Way more exploring going on <3
  • Mrs Arbuthnot The Enormous(e)

    I have piggies too - two boars, Lenny and Aladdin. Living a big 2x5 c&c  - they do love running around and are absolute little live wires, and fairly opinionated too. :) Have to love them though, despite being woken at 5am by them rumblestrutting at times. 
  • Its a boy lol

    Glad to hear you got him back! Hope he settles down for you - sounds like he was due a decent home poor chap!