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Chipmunk Pictures.

_peter01_peter01 Legacy
edited April 2015 in Galleries
Here are some pictures of my chipmunks i said i'd post, sorry for the delay my internets been funny so been on my phone instead!

Lilo eating some banana

Lilo standing up

Watching the world

My little dilute girl

Eating a strawberry

One of my aviary girls

My two sisters Daisy and Cloud

Lilo enjoying a cup of tea (she lived outside at this point)

Lilo trying to get a treat off me

Monkey nut time for her

Lilo enjoying a dandelion


Lilo on my arm

My boy Geordie

I'll stop boring you now but will post more updated pictures soon, need to figure out how to upload my camera album to the laptop or buy batteries for the camera :D


  • Posts: 40
    They are beautiful :D
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
    Posts: 548
    Peter thanks for posting your chipies they are really great looking chippers' are they all year outside or just when it's warm?

    When I saw Lilo with the dandelion I thought she had a broom like AnnB said.

    Are your diluted chipper's a result of being kept as pets I have never seen to date yet any off colours here in the wild when I go mushroom picking.

    Did you use your phone or your laptop to post the pictures they look really good.

    To bad we here aren't allowed to have them as pets without having a special license Which cost an arm, a leg well maybe two legs.
    Do you have to have a permit to keep chipies over there?
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    Thank you :mrgreen:

    I always thought it looked like she was sweeping up but i can't photoshop lol!

    The girls who are outside stay outside all the time, they have a shed as a sleeping area and grow thicker winter coats so they keep warm.

    You get a few different types of chipmunks but dilutes aren't a result of being in captivity (not that i know of anyway) the most common is the agouti which is the brown with black stripes.

    Dilutes are white with faint cream lines on their back.

    Albinos are pure white with red eyes

    Cinnamons are the same as agouti but more reddy or ginger

    Black chipmunks too but there is none that i or other chipmunk owners know of in the uk.

    You can also have some babies born gray, some will stay gray other go more normal coloured or reddy.

    I know a small amount of USA chippie owners but i know different states have different rules and we don't need a licence or anything to keep them here in the uk.

    I uploaded on my laptop :)
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    She does indeed, she is the most spoilt out the lot and always demands more free range time thab the rest of them and the reason she came back inside was Daisy took over as the head girl after Lilo had an RI and she was so sad not being the boss so she moved back in the room but i'm glad as she is just so friendly and i did miss her! :)
  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    They're lovely pictures. A broom? Well, if those animals can be trained to do the house cleaning I want to start keeping some of them.
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    Thank you!

    They are great fun to have :D

    BusyMouse - I wish, they make so much mess and are into everything and constantly leave all their nut shells around and poop everywhere in my room. Lilo has a thing about getting into drawers and my wardrobe.

    Sadly 2 of my aviary girls escaped and we have only just found out. They had a digging area in the ground which was meshed underneath to stop them getting out and it worked for over a year but one of the agouti girls managed to find a small corner and made herself a burrow under the slabs but has either got out in the neighbors garden when she has woke from her hibernation or a stoat that has been seen in my garden has dug down and got her but i think she is alive as something has been trying to get into the aviary. She has probably been out a couple months now and as we thought she was just hibernating in the 'safe' digging area we just left her and one of the dilute girls (Cloud) has also found the same burrow and got out to. My dad dug it up and they definately got out that way and we have now concreted over it so none others can get out too! Going to set up some humane traps to try and get them back. If not they might meet my boy who went missing last year (Rusty) and live in the wild :(
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    That's worrying, sorry to hear that :(

    They are quite intelligent and know when they've got it good so fingers crossed they find their way back. I've had pygmy mice running free in the house for several weeks before they've gone in the traps - and I'd given up so was so relieved! Is it worth putting up some posters, in case someone has found them?
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    They are great escape artists indeed! I don't think posters would help as were we love it is mostly fields and tree area and some houses and they aren't tame so probably won't go near people or loud noises, they will be off in the trees and probably have a burrow made up as the only predator is my cat who would bring them home.
    Most do come home and i think they have tried to come back but when it is quiet so hopefully the traps will work, i know other owners have got theirs back months later and one person who lost a breeding pair he ended up catching one of their off spring when trying to catch another girl who escaped.

    Fingers crossed :)
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    Thanks Roz, i'm not too worried as they have their winter coats and the natural instinct to burrow and look for food so they should be okay and the only predators i can think of are my cat and the hawk and they are wary of other animals so i'm hoping they will be okay. If my indoor lot got out i wouldn't have any hope but as they live outside i think they should be okay but hopefully they come back soon!
  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    How cute are they?! :love:

    I hope the lost ones find their way back xx
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