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My new tarantula!

Iv'e recently got into tarantulas, my friend has 15 of them and i handled hers and then became obsessed.
My mum got me an early birthday gift, she bought her for me and travelled a bit for her to.

So yes she is female, and she is a brazilian black.

Around 6cm at the moment.

[img size=300][/img]

[img size=300][/img]


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    :o I`m already hiding in the cupboard!!!! Spiders are not my thing but hey ho. She`s BIG isn`t she? Good luck with her, I`m sure you will have lost of fun caring for her and watching her antics. It`s funny, but I was sat watching the football last night, Brazil v Columbia and decided to throw my fleece over my bed. I leaned over to flatten out the fleece and saw what I thought was one of those cave spiders, you know, the ones with the tiny bodies and long legs under my bed?

    So I got my trusty plastic dish and flat card to catch it and put it find it wasn`t a spider but a piece of fluff down the side of my bed! LOL!!!
  • _Pixie_Pixie Legacy
    Posts: 122
    I used to have a really bad phobia of spiders, but my friend got me round to see hers and it took me ages but i held her pink to juvie and i fell in love, so now when i look at spiders i find something beautiful about them.
    Since having my out house done iv'e been picking up random spiders and taking them back outside lol!

    She isnt that big might just be the photos she can grow to 20 cm and she is only 6-7 cm right now lol.
  • Posts: 0
    I'm not too bad with tarantulas, held one a few years ago :) I would prefer to avoid them as pets I think but I hope yours has a good long life (safely not escaping!) with you Pixie :)

    Strangely enough I reckon at least one vet at my practice'd have a go treating a tarantula if I ever asked him to but I doubt he's dealt with many before lol. Our favourite vet once told us that he treats the animals at the local Animalarium so we're fairly confident we can trust him with most exotics (but we will always check with him before we get them)
  • _Pixie_Pixie Legacy
    Posts: 122
    She would need to go to an exotic vet, which i have sorted out if anything is to happen.
    Handling is frowned upon for them due to people dropping and not tking care and it can kill them.
    Any handling i do will be inside a different big tub covered with blankets for a safe landing though wont be much up height wise.

    These T's are pretty docile so many have said but they cant really be tamed or get anything out of being handled so it's more for the show, i love her either way if she cant be handled she is on the fast side i think due to being hungry she has ate now and isnt skittish.
  • _Pixie_Pixie Legacy
    Posts: 122
    Right now because she is still not fuly grown she is in a tub pin pricked holes on the top and sides which is what T's are normally in when at this size, i have big viv for her to go in as she grows to adult size, but for now just going up tub sizes is what she will need.

    This is her current set up very bland as i want to let her settle first before i add anything else so the tissue is for her to get water, it's soaked with water though im changing to a small water bowl soon.
    The log is for her to hide in if she wishes though she has burrowed underneath instead.

    You have to use certain soil as well, i put some money with my friend got a very big bag of it for ?6 as she has 15 T's and i only have the one lol.

    [img size=300][/img]

    Yeah she is more to look at i mean i will hold her one day but they are more the pets you will just happily watch in there environment.
  • _SiansMind_SiansMind Legacy
    Posts: 33
    She's so fuzzy :3 It's weird, because if I see a spider in my room I freak out a bit, but tarantulas I just find cute :) does she have a name?
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