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Albert Rudy Buckminster

Yup, you guessed it, we have another new pet :)

He's a (presumed) hybrid dwarf hamster who has spent the last three and a half months in a P@H adoption centre, I got curious and asked if he'd really been there since late March (his sign said he'd been avaliable since March 24th), the answer was yes and an explanation that he's basically pretty nippy so he's been waiting a while for a home. I've been tempted by a few dwarf hams recently and despite knowing we're fine to care for another none was quite right - the last I really fell for (who strangely looked quite like him) was just slightly too far away to be feasible.

We were told that Bertie Buck (the shorter version of his name) is probably about five months old but I suspect he's at least five and a half months. He seems fairly big, fairly fluffy and utterly adorable :)

Most of these pics were taken without flash on the camera because he's so white its actually difficult to take pics of him with flash on. The first was where he'd settled in some tissues in his carrier, the rest were exploring his new cage






  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
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    I just love the names you give your furries. Bertie Buck is a dear little thing and it's so nice that he can finally have a proper place to call home.
  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    Aww bless him, he's gorgeous. Well Mr Buckminster you have certainly landed on your paws there :) I wish you a long and happy time together xx
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    Thanks everyone :)

    He was awake for a while shortly after we got up this morning, he hadn't managed to get into his sand bath yet (he doesn't seem to be very good at pulling himself up/over things) so we've added a chew stick to provide a step into it and he loved it! He clambered in, wandered around then spent a minute or two walking about and digging loads, was clearly really enjoying himself. We're hoping to work out why he nips (then we can figure out how likely we are to get him to stop) and we've ruled out the P@H assistants theory about cage aggression this morning so that was helpful, if he is cage aggressive its definetly not to a big degree. He does seem really happy in his cage but he didn't attack me when I put the chew stick in so thats definetly a good start :)

    Still really enjoying just watching him, he's huge and fluffy and I must admit that I'd fallen in love with him before we were even five minutes into the drive home with him lol
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    Thanks :)
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    Thanks :) He is nippy and his nips are quite hard (but not hard enough to draw blood) but he's happy and hopefully we'll get him to stop in time, he gets regular playtimes so we definetly have plenty of time with him either way. He's settled in really nicely but sadly we did have to replace the food bowl... He's so big his back legs kept falling out of it when he was digging through the food in there lol. He has a bigger blue bowl we got from poundland now, no idea what it was made for but it works brilliantly as Berties food bowl :D
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    Yup, silly hammy...

    Its a shame WallE is like that :( Bertie will wander onto a glove fairly happily and either stand calmly and wait to be taken somewhere or he'll get onto it and try to reach the exposed wrist lol. We don't often use gloves for taming but with Bertie its the most practical answer at the moment - he nips the glove, chews the glove, then gives up and gets on the glove. Its a start
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