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Our new Rusty Thingymabob

We went to Kingswinford hamster show yesterday to see lots of people and enter some pets in pet class. We also looked briefly at the sales table and I was surpised to see one lad there, with a bit of encouragement from his breeder we ended up wondering if we could manage another syrian, I checked if he was a known bar chewer (he's not) and in the end we decided to go and meet him, found him way calmer than his Mum (who I adore) and ended up deciding to get him.

I took these pics as we woke him and put him in his new cage, he didn't seem overjoyed about being woken up again but was quite happy to have a quick cuddle and seemed to really enjoy exploring his new home :)






We also entered pet class with five pets and this is how they did
Muddle (Rusty's grand-uncle) - Reserve male syrian
Nelly - Third male syrian
Eggbiscuit - Reserve female syrian
Edwardo - Very highly commended dwarf
Peanut - First in others (rabbits and other rodents)
Peanut, Muddle and Eggbiscuit all took the show in their stride as normal and Peanut did his usual routine of having plenty of playtime before he'd go back to bed. Nelly outdid Peanut spectacuarly and insisted on loads and loads and loads of playtime, to the point where I felt guilty putting him back in so he could have a nap before pet class, and Edwardo had and enjoyed his attention and playtime but probably came home disappointed as he did his best Speedy Gonzales impression when being judged for pet class and still didn't quite manage to come last! I'm sure he's already planning to try harder if we take him to a show next year but personally I'm hoping he shows how good he can be instead if he does go again lol
Needless to say we're really pleased with all of them, Peanut couldn't have done better and the syrians were all fantastic, Edwardo loved the attention and they all enjoyed the show. The aim of the day was for them to enjoy themselves, I think they all did and we had a lovely day out so we've come home happy :)


  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
    Posts: 592
    He is lovely Kyrill, no wonder you ended up bringing him home :) He really doesn't look amused at you waking him up though :lol:

    Well done to all the other fluffs though for their hard work at the show :) Congrats :)
  • No, I think he wanted to sleep more... As we've all now seen, he does a really good grumpy look :P

    He also does curious and "Oi there's a problem!" brilliantly (we learnt that when he decided he didn't like the only route down from his shelves - in the end I had to offer a hand to lift him down then rearrange a few things to make a better route), he's fairly calm and laid back too though which is really strange when he's one of our syrians now... He clearly needs a bit more time to realise calm and laid back is abnormal around here and that he can get away with pretty much anything he can think of except being untame or bar chewing now lol

    Thanks for saying congrats to the others too :)
  • Thanks everyone and I love that description of him Maria! :)
  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    Ooooo he's gorgeous! :love:
    Nice to know it's not just me with crazy Syrians, having one calm and laid back is an odd but nice change :lol:

    Congrats to the pet class lot! We need a clapping smiley.. :wiggle: they can have wiggly ears instead lol.
  • Hang on, does this mean you've got a calm one who has stayed calm...? Can I stop being suspicious and start believing such a thing exists now? :P
    I am starting to trust Rusty to actually be a calm ham by nature but its still really strange lol

    Thanks for calling him gorgeous and congratulating the pet class lot :)
  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    :lol: Hahaha yes, they really do exist!
    Mum's boy is a softy, and his sister is the calmest girl I've ever owned.
    Most of our boys over the years have been calm, I did have one I called the devil in hamster form though :twisted: :lol:
  • Thats good to know lol. Its great that some of your hams are softies :D
    Our first syrian was called Scamp - it described her perfectly and she started a chain of not calm or laid back hams lol. Rusty is the first really calm and laid back ham we've had :) Fwirl settled down a heck of a lot in old age but that was old age and she never got near being a really calm ham.

    Our worst ham behaviour wise I routinely refer to as a psycopath although in fairness to him he does just want to bite people and unfortunately he's too smart to be tamed while he's adamant about wanting to be bitey, then you add in the fact that his cage is his territory and I don't entirely blame him for lying in wait to chomp on any stray fingers that may be in the process of feeding him... In terms of just being a really not-calm ham I think Eggbiscuit is the best example - I nicknamed her Chainsaw Jaws and while the chewing was beyond what we'd had before the character behind it wasn't lol
  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    A warm welcome to Rusty Thingymabob. Lol, I do love the names you have for your furry clan Sam.

    As for calm syrians we have two here. Lilo is lovely, so gentle and laid back and Stitch seems to be of a very similar disposition. Some of the mice on the other hand... :roll:

    And well done on your results with the other hams too :D
  • Thanks, I'm glad you like the names we choose :)
    We're meant to be collecting another tomorrow (this one we were asked about though - looks like I'm the obvious choice when someone at work needs to rehome a hamster and wants a good home for them) and I'm already being tempted by additions to his name to make it just that bit more fun lol. We'll see tomorrow if I behave myself and stick to his name as it is or not :)

    Its good others have calm syrians too, every other I've heard about in Rusty's litter is fairly calm too. Its just a strange novelty for us lol. Calm is just strange around here - mouse or hamster, calm isn't normal :P

    Thanks for saying well done on the results with the others :)
  • Heres some Rusty pics while I'm adding other recent pics to threads :)



  • He is, I never saw why rusts were such a big deal but Rusty is definetly converting me to them :) He's settled in really well too, he now has a whole converted hutch to himself after Nelly was banned from one, when we decided Nellys ban was permanent we gave the hutch to Rusty instead :)
  • He definetly seems happy with the hutch, he's also still fairly well behaved so isn't likely to be banned from it like Nelly was lol. (Nellys ban was on health and safety grounds, he's about as agile as a rock and loves climbing... Its a bad combination.)
    I'm glad you like him anyway zany :)
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