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Teddy (syrian hamster)

I swear I should just use one thread for introductions from now on - this is three intro threads in less than two weeks lol. This should be the last for a while now though. This is Teddy who came to live with us this evening. His last human is really busy this year and his family found themselves without the time to look after him properly so they asked us if we could help with a home. He seems to genuinely be a really nice ham and we think he'll be happy here :)





  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Awww, he certainly looks like a happy little fella.
  • Thanks everyone and much to my own surprise as much as anyone else's I've actually decided to behave myself and not mess with his name... Not that thats stopped me starting on the nicknames with him :P
  • Thanks :) He's settling in really well, we gave him an 11" wheel recently and in complete contrast to Rusty (who is the laziest and most laid back animal I've ever known) he's a lovely, active, busy and grateful little lad so Teddy has spent a fair bit of time showing us just how much he loves his big wheel which is great :)

    So far the nicknames're quite boring, at the moment he's mostly the predictable Teddybear when I'm not using his proper name. Edwardo has also gained a nickname recently and I keep shortening his name to 'Dwardo which sounds so similar as part of a sentence that chances are he'll never notice I'm not saying Edwardo lol
  • I'm sorry hamsters are illegal for you miss-mousey101 :( I love having our lot around - so much so that Teddy proves I'm getting to be the go-to for anyone at work who needs to rehome a hamster lol

    Thanks Zany, I'll try and get more pics of him soonish :)
  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    I got to meet Teddy today, he's a gorgeous cheeky chap! I could have easily hamnapped him :love:
  • I'm glad you liked him :) I think the biggest problem with hamnapping him'd have been convincing him to stay still and unnoticed while you snuck him out, I still can't believe how busy he was all morning lol

    I am really pleased with him though, still happy he's learnt that people are fun and him coming third in pet class was fantastic :D I do have at least one new photo... Will try and remember to post here when I get the memory card out of the camera later :)
  • Ok I fail at photos but anyway... Here's one I remembered to take and remembered to put on the forum! Makes a nice change doesn't it? :P

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