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So I might have been hiding some newbies...

Yep, I've definitely been hiding some newbies :P With not being on so much the last little while I completely neglected to show you my lovely new additions :shock: I'm sorry for my grievous error :P Let me rectify it now ;)

First off, the non furry additions :) A friend of a friend ordered a betta fish from Thailand and then was unable to take it. He didn't have anyone who had tanks who could set one up at short notice, so muggins ended up being talked into taking him on. So I agreed to take on this fish - who was named Rudi -

But when he arrived in the post this is what I got:

Just a bit of a difference :P He arrived at the same time as Theo being really ill and the shipper messed up and sent me tango by mistake. She wanted him back which would have meant rushing to get him to the post office and taking time off work to do it so she eventually agreed that I could keep him. LIke all the other ZT animals he's not quite right in the head. Apparently he thinks his own tail is tasty, is scared of his own shadow, is very shy and gets scared off by the pet snails in the tank. He lives with Joe the zebra snail, two little unnamed red spotted snails and some pygmy corydoras:

I did also get some shrimp to help keep the tank tidy, but being from Thailand it turned out that he had been live fed young shrimp by his breeder and I didn't know :( So I managed to save some of the snails and had to get them another tank to live in:

Tommy Tomato ended up being the only one to survive:

But he's happy as he has some strawberry rasbora to live with - and loads of ramshorn snails as a tiny one snuck in on my live plants and I now have a population explosion!!
You can just see one of the rasbora here, there are 4 out of 7 left - some were rather ill looking when they arrived and wasted away :(

And there is also a non finned intoduction to make...

Meet Milky Way:


He arrived at just 12 weeks old and was ex-stock in Pets at Home's rehoming section. They put him there because he was "too wired" and was causing trouble with his brothers. Of course, I thought "He can't be that bad" I mean, look at how cute that face is:

So far, in the three months he has been here, he has chomped all the edges and clips on a mini duna (a temporary cage), destroyed a wheel and chewed bars so much that he has permanent bar impressions across his nose. He gets that focussed on what he is doing that he has a tendency to jump and try to bite so we have agreed that I will use a fish net to pick him up if he's causing too much trouble. He likes being handled, but still thinks he is indestructible and bounces off my hands regardless of the height. He has even discovered that if you dig out the fleece under the play pen when your cage is being cleaned that you can go for a wander and terrorise Theo the cat. And he is sooo tiddly compared to Rambo (and on the note of Rambo, mean kallan said he must be part Chihuahua because he's so big :shock: Meany, imagine saying that to my baby, he's only 172 grammes of squishy loveliness!! He weighs the same as a friends top show hamster did when he used to breed.)


And in sad news, little Remi might not be here much longer :( She's not being doing too well lately, and the vets now think that she could have both diabetes and Cushings because of her symptoms :( She still won't give a urine sample (and they can't treat without knowing for definite which she has wrong, or if it's both because the meds for one could make the other condition kill her :( ) She is happy just now though, and likes to spend her time getting cuddles, ear rubs or sleeping and eating.


Sorbet the hamster also has a tumour and is only a year old :( And Chewie the mouse won't be here for long - he's on medicine for his liver and kidneys and losing a lot of weight :( The newbies are keeping me occupied while my poorlies are sleeping more and more :(


  • zany_toon" post=46566 said:
    Of course, I thought "He can't be that bad"
    Sorry Zany but I have to admit I snorted aloud with laughter at that one... He's a hamster! What were you expecting? I'm still suspicious of Rusty apparently actually being calm and we've had him just over two weeks now.

    Anyway... Thats a heck of a mix up with the fish lol. Did Rudy end up kept by your friend after all? Tango is a gorgeous fishy! Bonkers but gorgeous, I love the way his tail is so fluttery when he's swimming :D
    I'm sorry about the poor shrimp and rasbora :(
    I like Tommy though :D

    Milky Way is adorable... But then he's a syrian hamster so to me "adorable" is still synonymous with "probably trouble" because syrians who aren't both thoroughly confuse me :P It sounds like you've got a good arrangement with him now though :)
    172g isn't that heavy... Not by UK standards anyway, Teddy (the ham you said is a bit like Rambo) is 175g and he's your standard pet shop/adoption centre stock from what I was told :) That said some hams do seem really light for their weight - like Nelly, he's bigger than Muddle but I bet he's lighter too (Muddle is 182g but I don't remember if we've ever weighed Nelly). Kallan clearly needs to meet the litter I remember as the hippos if any are still around, those things were ginormously heavy! Or I need to weigh Rusty... If I didn't know better I'd be accusing his breeder of feeding him growth hormones as a pup lol
    That said Scotland is far enough away from some bits of the UK that Rambo may well be the advance guard of the hippo-hams :P
    Sorry, slight distraction into hamster weights there but it does say that kallan was clearly a meanie calling poor Rambo part chihuahua, at the very least he's the advance guard for the hippos :P

    I'm really sorry about Remi, Sorbet and Chewie :( I'm sure Milky Way and the others will try and help keep your spirits up but I do hope things improve for you soon, you seem to have had a really rough few months lately :(
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  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    Heeheeheehee. I've learnt to take what P@H say about a hams behaviour as truth until I find out otherwise! Found that out with Horatio, they had him named Lunatic and said he was indeed crazy, but when the guy opened the tank he was calm and sweet... I soon found out that Lunatic was a very fitting name once we got home! :lol:

    The newbies are lovely :love: I never had much luck with cherry shrimp either even with fish that weren't used to eating them, I do better with amanos.

    :hug: sorry to hear about the unwell ones.
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