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Squeaking and Sneezing/Coughing

Hi All
Tonight Ponch has started to squeak alot in his cage and what seems to be a cough or sneeze. He is in a cage on his own, as some of you advised me I had to split him and his brother up.
He seemed fine last night and has been in bed most of the day, but now he is doing this funny squeak and cough thing.
Has anyone any ideas what it could be?
We have had the bedroom window open abit today and although he isn't in a draft, could he have got cold?



  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Mice are prone to getting respiratory infections. Sometimes a change of bedding or a draught can set them off so a trip to the vet may be necessary for some Baytril which should ease his symptoms.
  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    Hi swanman. Has he had a bedding or substrate change recently? Anything that might cause his breathing to respond? If not, he could be showing signs of a respiratory issue so if the symptoms continue over the next day or so, I would pop to your vet for some Baytril and keep him on it for at least two weeks, dosing at least twice a day (morning and evening) on a small piece of food that he enjoys.

    I doubt the fresh air would do any harm but a draught would. As long as his cage is away from the window (opposite side of the room) and it`s not too chilly. How long has he been seperated from his brother? Were they fighting? If so, then seperation is the best thing, although improper caging can cause territorial disputes.

    Let us know how Ponch is today and maybe give more info on his bedding and overall wellbeing.
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    I agree with the others - I find with most respiratory problems, the quicker you get them checked the better the outcome :)
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