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Shadow can't walk! :(

My female mouse Shadow is not looking too good, she can't walk!
She can't move her front legs very well and very limited movement in her back legs, her tail is lifeless and can barely bend her spine, she can move her head, neck, mouth and ears just fine and still looks bright eyed as ever but she's been having to crawl and almost 'caterpillar' across the floor.
My poor baby is almost paralyzed!!!! :'(

What could this be?
She has been crawling about the cage and eating, occasional managing to wash her head and have a little scratch with her back leg but you can tell after any movement she does she needs a rest as if it's taken all her energy.
I'm calling the vets first thing tomorrow but will they even be able to do anything? I can't bare to see her like this, I was crying watching her try and get up the ladders and the poor thing got squashed against the side by the others before and she didn't look comfortable at all but couldn't move :(

Please tell me there is some hope for here, she's still only young!


  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
    Posts: 592
    It might be nothing, I've had a few that have suddenly lost all movement in their back legs over night and we''ve never found out the reason. Scramble was my worse, although none of them could move their spine, tail or back legs. As long as her front legs are ok she should be fine, it might be if it is an injury - and until she gets used to it - that it's taking more out of her crawling around using her front legs only. I know that Scramble was like that for a while, and then he had another year (making his 2nd birthday) before he passed away in his sleep. He was only 8 to 9 months when it happened so not old either.

    Lift anything that she can climb just now so that she is all on one level - that way if it is an injury you are limiting her movement. Leave her with just some ordinary boxes, tubes and her bed. If it's like my boys chances are the vets won't be able to do anything but they can live happily like this as long as you make adjustments for them - like all on the level, scatter feeding, cleaning their ears for them, cleaning their bums if they need it.

    Give her a scritch from me and good luck at the vet tomorrow.
  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    Best wishes for the visit to the vet! Just make sure she has food and water easily, not having to step up anywhere for them, let us know how it went!
  • _mousequeen!_mousequeen! Legacy
    Posts: 120
    I hope they can do something to help her out, must be quite scary to see her like that
    good luck at the vets!
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    Wishing you luck at the vets :hug:

    As zany said, if she isn't in pain then mice actually cope quite well with disabilities, it's just about you having to adapt the cage a bit to them. I had a mouse called Cream who lost the use of her back leg, and she tucked it under herself and learnt to do this three-legged hop. If it hadn't been causing her pain she would have done nicely for ages, sadly she had other issues though.
  • _JodiLeigh_JodiLeigh Legacy
    Posts: 97
    Thanks guys for the support :)

    Her appointment is on Friday so will let you all know how it goes then.

    Thanks for the tips as well, I've put their millet spray on the floor so she can eat as much as she wants and lowered the water bottle right down so she can reach. I've been spooning a bit of watery porridge to her every now and then to make sure she has eaten and got some fluids.
    Where do I get that electrolyt stuff from? Just want to make sure she's hydrated. Does it keep for a while? Thought if I have some then it's there for the future if needs be
  • _GhostsInSnow_GhostsInSnow Legacy
    Posts: 522
    Good luck for the vet appointment today, :hug: to you and Shadow
  • _JodiLeigh_JodiLeigh Legacy
    Posts: 97
    Thank you guys :)

    I will let you know as soon as I'm back
  • _JodiLeigh_JodiLeigh Legacy
    Posts: 97
    So back from the vets and they've given me a 3ml bottle of Metacam.
    I am to give her 0.1ml once a day for as long as it lasts.
    She didn't seem to mind the bus journey and she's all snuggled up with the others again now.

    Fingers crossed that she get's better or at least get's used to it just fine.
  • _JodiLeigh_JodiLeigh Legacy
    Posts: 97
    Awww bless little Twglet! Thanks Mices4, I feel a lot more hopeful now :D

    She had climbed into the food bowl last night and got herself stuck, silly mousie! I've taken it out now as there isn't much point for a food bowl when I've been putting the food on the floor all over.
  • _JodiLeigh_JodiLeigh Legacy
    Posts: 97
    Thank you everyone for all your support and advice, unfortunately she didn't pull through :(

    There must have been much more then just the paralysis going on, found her this morning asleep forever :(

    My poor baby, I will miss her so much! :cry:
  • _Susie_Susie Legacy
    Posts: 290
    So sorry for your loss Jodi xxxx
  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    So sorry :(
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    Oh I'm so sorry hun, you fought so hard for her. Run free Shadow xxx
  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    I'm sorry she didn't make it, at least she won't have to suffer now, and has experienced so much love and care that she could go in peace!
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
    Posts: 548
    Sorry to hear that Shadow went to the bridge ,but rest in knowing that Shadow knew you loved and cared for her.
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