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Query regarding my new mice sizes.

Hi people
Last week i acquired two female mice that had just finished weaning off their mother. I got them off a breeder and he checked the sexes thouroughly as i wanted two females. They were similar in size but nearly a week later one is double the size of the other one, hopefully you can see this in the picture i have attached. My question this normal?.
The bigger mouse is always eating and very active while the other one mostly stays in her wee house. I owned a mouse before but never sisters, that's why i joined today to seek advice from friendly caring mouse owners. i handle both mice daily but only for a few seconds as they are still young. Ay help/advice on the size question would be most helpful.
kind regards


  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
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    Hallo and welcome to the forum :wave:

    Are they definately from the same litter? That size difference does seem quite extreme to me in all honesty, might be worth weighing them (kitchen scales, just in a plastic tub or similar you've subtracted the weight from). It could be that you've been given a runt, which may not bode well for her I'm afraid but hopefully you've just got a much younger one.
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