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Mouse scratching ear until bleeding?

I recently mite treated my little male Jingle with a natural spray from Zooplus as he had scabs and once they cleared and he wasn't itching i gave him a dose of Xeno 50 then 2 weeks later he got another (this was a just over a week ago). Tonight i've noticed him scratching his ear again and it's bleeding a little but he is okay in himself.

On Saturday just there i changed the mice back to abouise from fitch as i wasn't liking the fitch and i gave Jingle a new wooden bridge and a fabric pouch and hanging cube and these are the first non plastic toys he has had since starting the treatment. Could the change in bedding and the new toys upset his skin?

I can move him onto eco pet bed as i use that for the chipmunks and he won't use a lot of it, take out any non plastic toys and start with the natural stuff from Zooplus again?


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    I'm battling the same problem with one of mine at the moment. I found that if I treated him every month for mites, I managed to keep it under control but I'd run out of Xeno 50 so he'd managed to scratch a small patch under his eye before the Xeno was delivered. I've treated him twice now and although the patch under his eye has cleared up, he's now scratching his ears. Nothing else in his cage or diet has changed, I just think that once they get in the habit of scratching, it's difficult to get them to stop.
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    I think that might be the case, he isn't scratching anywhere else and no scabs on the back of his neck. He is still playing eating and drinking enough and enjoying himself.

    I think i'll start the natural spray again as even though he didn't appreciate it, it did help him out and made his fur look nice and soft, hopefully it works! I'll also put him into the cardboard bedding today.

    Hope you manage to sort yours out too :)
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    I'll give him a couple of days to see how he goes and just keep him clean, luckily he is my friendliest mouse!

    He was on abouise for about a month last year and no problems but i'll just use the eco bed on him as there is no dust and might help :)
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    I'm going to start the Zooplus stuff again but i don't think it's mites as no scabs. I cleaned everything last night and changed him onto eco bed which he seems to like and was running on his wheel until 9 this morning and emptied his food bowl and still seems very happy.

    I'll keep the Johnsons spray stuff in mind but i think it was maybe the abouise that annoyed him as that was when i noticed it just after moving back to that as he was on fitch before with no dust and now the eco bale has none too :)
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