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Scratchy Meeces (a.k.a. the don't say this is working thread!)

A while back I posted about Pinky and his brother Perky's issues with scratching and going bald. These were the two boys that the vet and I thought had allergies to something in their food mix, however, after showing an initial improvement, they started to get worse. These were the only photos I was comfortable posting of Pinky as he got really bad:


After that he scratched from behind both ears right down to the base of his tail and I thought that I was going to have to make a horrid decision. Instead, after a long discussion with Kallan's colleagues and her, we decided to take a "throw everything at it" approach to see if it would help, and that also meant putting them back on their normal food (which the boys were really pleased with, I've never seen two mousie boys so pleased at having a cornflake!!) I'm glad that we decided to try it as poor Pinky especially was so sore looking and has actually left himself blind in one eye because he scratched at it too :( So, a month later.....

Pinky with a total of 4 sores now compared to two massive ones and several little ones from before:


Perky (you didn't see him before, but he was losing lots of hair):


:D No one is allowed to say that this might be working though - I don't want to jinx it!! Both boys are on 5 medications just now one of which involved me giving them daily injections - the sores left on Pinky are actually from the injection sites, he started ripping the skin out where I was injecting him :( They are both now on a tablet alternative to the injection and can I just say that it is a nightmare trying to dose a 16mg tablet that is smaller than my fingernail into a dose small enough for two meeces!!! The boys though have developed a side effect to their medication - they are absolutely high one minute, eating non-stop the next and then after that are frozen on the spot as if they are seeing things :lol: Who ever thought that I would be giving meeces diazepam...

ETA: I also contacted the SSPCA as RM suggested, the woman I spoke to was lovely but not much help - she actually went through all the things she knew of that cause problems for mice, checked with their vet and asked me to keep in touch as they wanted to know how the boys get on with any treatments. I thought that was really nice of them given the way some people react, Pinky and perky made a big impression on them with being there for so long :)


  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
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    Poor boys and you! I wont say anything to jinx it I'll just send hugs! :hug:
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
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    Poor boys :( I'm glad they're making progress, I can't offer anything ni the way of advice but am sending :hug: to you and your little ones...
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