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My poor boy...

Some of you may remember my post about Cheddar's tumour a short while back - in addition to the growth on his face. The vet gave him 'days not weeks' and he's still going strong :love: He's developed a tilt, I'd say a head tilt but it is more of a full body tilt. Back to the vet we went and came to conclusion it was either an ear infection of a neurological problem, given it's not responded to ABs we believe it's almost certainly neurological. He's on ABs for good now and his care is palliative and we're not looking for a cure. This being said, his growth on his face has massively decreased :)

He's still the first one up for biscuit (of which he's having plenty), perky and seeming to be enjoying life. I keep expecting him to pass on but all these weeks later, he's still plodding on. I hate seeing him looking so poorly but am so proud of my brave little chap :love:


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    I'm relieved to hear he's still soldiering on. We :love: Cheddar, stay strong gorgeous boy.
  • _njwilde_njwilde Legacy
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    Although this is very sad it is great to see how you made the right decisions together with teh vet regarding him. Brave little man, Cheddar. Great to hear he is still loving his biscuits, I hope he will have a remaining peaceful time with you, my thoughts are with you though as I know how hard it is to see them poorly and knowing they won't be hear for long :(
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
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    Well Lauren glad to here Chedder is still here and fighting to stay and still being your pretty boy I hope he stays himself and enjoys his bisscy for a good while.

    Fight the good fight Chedder my thoughts and prayer's for you and Lauren
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
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    Thanks everyone, unfortunately that post was a little premature and he was put to sleep this morning :(
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