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Blood in cage but no apparent injuries or sharp items -any ideas what happened?

Hello guys,

I am a bit distressed as I saw this morning that my male Carl had blood in his cage and on the wheel. He was behaving normally and let me take him out without problems. I checked his mouth, paws, genitals and everywhere else but I cannot see any injuries. I also chekced teh cage for any sharp items or splinters from teh sawdust but again I did not find anything. He was happily eating his food and running in his wheel again and not limping or anything but I am still concerned. Has anyone had this before? I noticed that sometimes in the sawdust there are big splinters and I usually catch them when putting in new sawdust but I am now thinking I may have missed a small one. But in regards to his wound, do they heal that quickly? I last saw him in the cage at midnight and noticed teh blood at 7 am this morning. Any one any ideas/advice? If I find more blood after work I ll go to the vets but as I am in work now I thought I ask around here first as I am confused and a little upset.


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    It can be tricky to discover where the blood has came from without an open wound or a suspected cage accessory or sharp piece of cage bar or something similar. If the blood was found on his wheel, it could be from a cut under his foot, or he may be passing spots of blood internally in his urine. I would check his underside daily to look for any signs of blood near the genitals, or watch where he pees in the cage for any new signs.

    Has his body shape changed at all? No abdominal bloating or changes in poo? If not, it will be a matter of checking him each day for any new signs. Sometimes they can `drip` blood internally in small amounts but there are no visible signs of it on the rear end unless you see it happen. I have had these symptoms both with a female mouse and a female chinese hamster and both died from it. The cause was probably internal tumours or other disease.

    Hope you little guy has just pricked himself and is no further cause for concern though. x
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    How are his nails looking? sometimes if these get overlong they can scratch themselves in a way that seems to leave a lot of blood around the cage, but very little sign of injury. I've had this with an elderly gerbil recently - really scares you. If they do look to be long you might want to get chinchilla ledge or similar to place in the cage to help wear them down a little.

    It really would be worth looking into getting him off sawdust as well - it doesn't make a good substrate for mice and can cause respiratory issues. Things like aubiose, megazorb, carefresh, ecotbetbed, and finacard make good alternatives.
  • _njwilde_njwilde Legacy
    Posts: 47
    Thanks guys, at least it gives me more things to look at as he seems perfectly normal and there has not been more blood in the cage. he seems normal. I did monitor him though and it kind of proved my suspicion that he is sliding down his wheel in a funny way on the outside and when I did it with my thumb, I cannot feel anything sharp but if done very fast it does seem sharper and maybe he cut himself there. To be on the safe side he has a flying saucer now. He itches himself sometimes, but not overly I would think, I will check on his paws again though, as the blood that was on the wheel did seem a fair amount.

    I didnt realise the sawdust was bad for the meecers too, I always seem to see them in there :( But then again, my Robo Poppy is allergic to it and she is a similar size to them, she has megazorb so I can use it for them too. The cage will probably not smell as bad then either :D
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