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Worst mouse luck ever!

Today my mouse rainicorn is showing signs of respiratory infection, she is clicking constantly with her breathing. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong? Little tree Trunks passed yesterday and today this, I don't understand because rainicorn hasn't shown any symptoms at all until today.

her eyes are bright, she is eating and drinking and she is quite active and has always been the most active but her breathing sounds very laboured.

I can't get her to take any baytril though but I am going to try putting it on her rump to see if that works. If I lose another mouse I will start to question my decision to have them in the first place :(

I've had so much stress with them in such a short time of getting them. I am awaiting their new Alaska cage, which should help with ventilation if that's the problem but Tree Trunks has already failed to make it to see all the fun she could of had and that was a little out of the blue too.

This was a little bit of a rant but any tips or suggestions or reassurance would be greatly appreciated, on the plus side Cake my rescued mouse appears to have stopped scratching her ears so much and has been taking the baytrill. :|


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Don't worry, we've all experienced respiratory infections in our mice and it's probably not anything that you are doing wrong. Certainly good ventilation helps and I would keep her on a paper based bedding for a while.

    What strength Baytril do you have, is it the 2.5% solution? Have you discovered Beaphar Malt Paste for ferrets? Most mice go mad for the stuff and it's easy to mix a small blob with some Baytril (my lot will then lick it off my finger).

    I hope Cake continues to improve.
  • _Hammiet_Hammiet Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Thanks for the advice guys, its good to know its nothing I am doing wrong. I will definitely get hold of some of that malt paste, in the mean time she seems to be taking it now i've mixed it with a little peanut butter, although I doubt shes getting the right dosage as she doesn't eat all of it. She doesn't seem to be improving as of yet but i've taken the lid of their exo terra to help ventilate in the meantime while I wait for their new cage.

    I am going to switch to shredded paper for the majority of their bedding too as my boyfriends mom shreds a lot and I've heard that can be better for them than carefresh sometimes?

    The baytril I have is the 2.5ml (dispensed as 5ml) AnnB
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