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Cushings Disease

Has anyone ever had a mousie with this? I'm asking because I had Perky up to the vet tonight because he is still losing hair and in the last week has started to drink huge amounts of water - I thought at first that he was pushing his bedding against his water bottle so moved it higher to be sure. He's drinking around 30 to 40ml every few days, more than three times what my other single males drink :( He's lost about two thirds of his hair now and his skin has become papery thin and easily torn in some areas while in others it seems almost leather-like in that it is so thick compared to normal. The vet who say Perky has seen him for all but one of his appointments and couldn't believe how much worse Perky looks now, he was last up about 2 weeks ago and I said at the time that I wasn't sure if he had mites and was treating him just incase. But with the huge amounts of water that he is drinking on top of his hair loss and change in skin texture the vet thinks he has Cushings :( He has been given medicine tonight to get started on and I've to keep an eye on him incase it affects him because the amount he needs in comparison to the size of the tablet is so small :( Poor Perky doesn't need this, I don't know much about Cushings but I am sure that hamsters are prone to it and that the ending isn't good :( Please some one give me some good news :(


  • _Kallan_Kallan Legacy
    Posts: 27
    Just hunted around - treatment can improve signs for around a month. If the Vetoryl isn't cutting it we could try ketoconazole - something like this gel would be great if I could find some over here.
  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    I haven't had a mouse with it, but one of my Syrians had it. Sadly his progressed so fast that treatment wasn't a worthwhile option :(

    I'll keep everything crossed for Perky xx
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
    Posts: 548
    I never heard of cushings before sending Perky and you healing and best wishes hope you can find a treatment that will keep perky happy.
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    I've never heard of it either but sending good vibes your way :hug:
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
    Posts: 303
    So sorry to hear about Perky. I haven't experienced Cushings in a mouse before but sadly lost one of our greyhounds to it a few months ago. The vetoryl really improved her quality of life but it was a difficult time.
    Lots of positive thoughts for Perky, xx
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
    Posts: 303
    Poor little Perky, really hope he responds to the vetoryl. Our dog had all the same symptoms, Roz, and the drinking and frequent urination was the first and what actually alerted us to it. She had slight hair loss and was very lethargic, and her tummy was swollen. Hers turned out to be a tumour in her adrenal gland, but without the vetoryl she wouldn't have had any quality of life.
    Do you know how long before you expect to see a change? We were told a week or so, but thats in dogs of course.
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
    Posts: 548
    It's wonderful to see perky is getting better glad that Kallan and your vet chris has helped perky.
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
    Posts: 303
    That's wonderful news and I'm really pleased to see that it's working :)

    I hope Perky continues to do well, xx
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