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Cake the mouse

Hi everyone,

Basically my little Cakey has stopped scratching her ears to the point of mutilation and they appear to have healed very nicely with no scabs or signs of scratching. However, she still seems to have a bit of a respiratory infection even after a 10 day course of bayrtil. She is eating, drinking etc but does sneeze/cough and appear a little weasy and squeaky at times.

So I am wondering whether it is a bad idea to introduce her to my girls at this stage or will she be ok as long as I keep her on the bayrtil or will this cause problems to my other mice? I fear this poor mousey will be alone forever due to her poor health :(


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    When I first saw the title of this thread I had visions of throwing custard pies at mice (sorry, my brain has always been a little strange).

    It's great news that Cake has stopped scratching. You deserve a big pat on the back for persevering with her. I find that mice who have had respiratory infections do sometimes need Baytril again if their symptoms flare up later on. From Cake's point of view it will be far better that she has company than has to live alone. There is a chance that your other mice will develop respiratory infections when introduced but the other option is to find Cake a friend that already has a respiratory infection.
  • _Hammiet_Hammiet Legacy
    Posts: 0
    So would you recommend I start giving her baytril twice a day for 3 weeks? She has been off it for about 4 days now so is it ok to put her back on it now? I have been giving her 0.05ml of the 2.5 percent baytril a day so far.

    My other mouse rainicorn has also got a respiratory infection but has been showing improvements since she had a dose of bayrtil for 5 days. So I am wondering whether its worth putting cake with rainicorn and her two sisters anyway as they are already exposed to the infection? Unless it is mycoplasmal, is that contagious?

    Ha ha Ann B, I can see what you mean! I have visions of people chanting cake the mouse with a lickle mousey with their head through one of those wooden things. I think us mousey people all have a little strange in them :p
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    Polite reminder: the only person qualified to give medication advice, especially dosage instructions, is a vet. Please do bear this in mind, as every case is different.

    We do actually have a vet as a member, Kallan - you might be interested in this article they kindly let me host on my website: Baytril and dosage
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    Another drug you can ask your vet about if Baytril isn't doing the job is zithromax - I've found it to be very effective
  • _Hammiet_Hammiet Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Thanks for all of your replies,

    I am going to try her on a 3 week course of bayrtil then and if I don't see any improvement in this time I will try the Zithromax on a vets instruction. She isn't constant with her clickyness but just quite sneezy mainly, but again not constantly. I will keep an eye out for a suitable mouse friend for her or consider introducing her to my other 3 girls depending on her improved health.

    Thanks guys :)
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