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Timmy needs your help... painful scratching and massive hair loss


I'm new to the forum, brought here from another for other animals because I'm in desperate need of advice for my mouse. Timmy is around 1 year old and the past month he's started developing scabs on his back, we took him to the vet and had mite treatment and anti biotic because she felt the skin looked infected. Slowly, he scratched away the size of a 50p off his back, it scabbed up but then he started scratching it off, we went back and she gave us ointment for his skin, it made him freak out, he'd start scratching and running about like crazy and we just couldn't keep going with it, so we took him for yet another visit, this time she said do nothing... well it's a week now and he's even worse, he's lose fur all down his side and has two puncher wounds (he lives on his own) so very much himself doing it, he can't be touched because his back hurts and he twitches almost every few seconds.

Our 4TH visit to the vets will be next Saturday, this will be to see a specialist they've called in of small animals. If she can't help him, I'm stuck.

Scratching, hair loss, irritation.

Anti-biotics, mite treatment and ointment.

Help :(


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    Do you know what ointment you were given? I have a few chronic scratchers myself and have had others in the past. When they get to the state that Timmy is in generally the only treatment option left is a steroid injection followed by a further course of antibiotics. Obviously see what your vet recommends.
    It's very frustrating when they do this to themselves and finding the cause can be difficult. Sometimes it is genetic but there is the possibility his diet is the problem if it has changed recently. High protein causes hot spots or he may have a food allergy/intolerance. I hope the specialist gets to the route of the problem for you.
    In the meantime I'd put Timmy on a dust free bedding to prevent irritation, newspaper or kitchen paper would do if you haven't anything else. I personally prefer to stick with plastic toys as well while a mouse is being treated but keep an eye to make sure no condensation is building up in his house.
    Best of luck at the vets Timmy.
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    I have recently took on a mouse from a pet shop which has suffered ( and recovered) from symptoms and effects that sound very similar to the ones your timmy is showing. I decided to rescue her as they were not able to sell her due to the scars on her back.

    Like mickelmarsh mouse said, diet can be a contributor. The pet shop found that my mouse ( now named cake) had an allergy that they thought may be maize, but it could have been any number of things in Harry hamster food as this is the food she was on. They treated her back but I don't know with which cream but I will find out for you tomorrow as I work at the store. But weaning her onto selective mouse food seems to have done the trick as her back has completely healed. She has been on mouse selective food for a while now and doing fine, however when she was accidentally fed Harry hamster again ( by an unbeknowing member of staff unfortunately) she started to excessively scratch her ears leading again to self mutilation, but again has healed now on the right diet. So diet is definitely something you should look into.

    little cake since being in my care at home is now doing much better and healed completely so there is hope for your timmy. Lots of new toys/ things to do may help distract him from scratching too. I am hoping to introduce cake to my group of 3 soon to further enrich her life and to keep her distracted from scratching, but I know this isn't as straight forward with boy mice.

    I'm no vet but I hope my experiences might help you in some way. I am quite new to mice but am unfortunate enough to have had to learn lots very quickly because of initial issues and little cakey coming into my life.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    I feed all my mice the mouse selective food, which I think is the one you said you used to feed timmy, this is the link to it anyway

    I've had no problems with this food and this has helped cure cakes self mutilating scratching. although I can see what you mean with it being just the same pillows and not a mixture it prevents selective feeding and I provide my mice with little supplements daily such as millet, garden peas and meal worms to change it up a bit.

    I would recommend you go back to this food if this is what timmy was on before and the symptoms came about after changing it to the new food.

    I asked work today and they allowed cakes back to heal on its own, no cream/ treatments at all and it was just a food change that fixed her issues. Her substrate is care fresh and for bedding I use some ripped up loo roll, and also put a handful of Timothy hay in for her, all of which have caused no problems, but all mice are different. :)
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    I do hope timmy gets better for you. You are doing everything you should be so you should be proud of yourselves!

    I can imagine how hard it is to see your mouse like this, by the sounds of it he is just as bad as my cake was. I will attatch a pic of her on this feed later on so you can feel reasurred as she too was very very sore with a huge open wound on her back and you can see her scarred bald patches, but she is now a lot better so your timmy can come through this too I'm sure!
  • _Hammiet_Hammiet Legacy
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    Your poor boy does look very sore :(

    I took some photos of cake today to show you that there is hope for him yet, and your perseverance hopefully will pay off.

    As you can see she too has a rather large area of baldness but it isn't sore anymore just a big scar, some fur is growing back a little now though. She unfortunately has scratched all her ears off too, but they are nice and pink and not scabby now she has stopped scratching, and she really doesn't scratch much at all anymore.
  • _Hammiet_Hammiet Legacy
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    Pics (didn't upload them with the last post for some reason)
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    Do you have Neosporin plus in the Uk?

    Your Timmy has a hot spot like my boy Lefty had and my vet Dr. Hope said to get Neosporin plus and put it on him and rub it gently on him.

    Here is a pic of his hot spot it was worse than this two weeks before this pic was taken
    and here is one after he held up

    It took a while and yes it broke my heart every time I had to put it on him cause he didn't like it at all.
    At first he bit but he learn that it helped him and then he accepted that this rub the cream in as a daily thing and he liked it more when it started to heal up.

    I'm not a vet but I'm going by what my vet told me to do with my boy Lefty and it worked and always seek a vets opinion on anything that concerns a treatment of any kind.
    Just wanted to share want myself and Lefty went through with you to give you hope that you and Tpmmy can make it through this.
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
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    sorry the pics didn't load up I'll resize them when I get home from work so you can see the burn cream might be like the stuff we have here in the states.
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    I've been reading through this thread and I'm so sorry to hear about Timmy :( I don't have anything to add to all the other good advice on here, but just wanted to say I hope he continues to improve and enjoys the new tube layout. Lots of positive thoughts for him :)
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
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    Really sorry to read this - run free Timmy :angel:
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