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Has become chubby but still boney

_Dan_Dan Legacy
My dear little mouse Minnie (the black/white one) has suddenly become chubby in just a few days. I thought it might have been because i gave her to many biscuit treats, as i was taming her and finally got her to just walk up into my palm..

But when i feel her back, it feels "boney" as if she is to thin, yet her tummy is rather big. And it looks like there is a little bold spot around the neck but nothing much.

She seems very hungry, and don't excersize much (when i can see it, that is).

But she always comes to me when my hand is in the cage, and i can now just easily pick her up. A little strange compared to my other little mouse Gro, who runs away at first but then slowly comes back to sniff a little bit.

Can mice get a swollen stomach when they are underfeed? They are very picky at what they eat, and more than half of what i give them of the mousefood (some special mix for mice from a pet store), they wont eat (regardles of the size of the portion).

A picture I just took of her:
[img size="600"][/img]

compared to one several weeks old:
[img size="600"][/img]


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    She doesn't look quite right does she? How old is Minnie?

    I'd be tempted to seek advice from a vet, it could be a parasite, a build up of fluid, a tumour. I assume you can rule out the possibility that she's pregnant.

    What are you feeding her on?
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
    Posts: 548
    All I can say is get her to a vet asap she doesn't look well to me at all I hope what ever it is can be taken care of with Baytril or other antibiotic.

    Sending you and Minnie the best.
  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    What is the name of the food mix? Is it a proper brand, or just something the shop owners mix themselves? (pet shop keepers mostly haven't got much of a clue about 'mouse food'!) In fact, there isn't really any mouse food mix available which can be used unaltered. Do U remove all sunflower seeds and peanuts from the food to reduce the risk of allergies and other illnesses? Do they get fresh foods, or at least dried apple, dried carrot etc?
  • _Dan_Dan Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Took her to the Vet as soon as i could today. I couldn't bare to look at her not knowing if she was okay..

    It turned out she had a massive constipation, blocking her entire intestinal system. The doctor tried to see if she could get some oil drops in her, as this might help get things out. But she could barely swallow it, as she couldn't have anything in her stomach. The doctor said that the best thing fore her would be to let her go, as she would never get that huge mass out through her intestines, and it was painful for here just breathing. I asked if surgery was a possibility, but she advised against it as she wouldn't be strong enough for the anaesthetic. I would gladly have paid anything if she could get better.

    Then the doctor put her to sleep, and I wept like a baby looking at my cute mouse walking a little around for the last time, before she feel asleep.. We wrapped her in my sock, as she loved sleeping in my socks in the cage, and the wet took care of her for me as I couldn't really do much with myself. Although i had always told myself that i would bury them myself if anything happened to my mice... I haven't cried in 10 years, but this knocked me away completely! A 30 year old muscular man crying like a baby because of a little pet mouse. Who would have guessed that. Really didn't see that coming..

    I still don't know what had made her so constipated. I fear that it might be these "hair like" linings that i bought at a pet store, which mice could use for making their nest. This is one of the last things i put in their cage as i can remember, before she got ill. Maybe she ate some of this and it couldn't be digested, just making a giant "hairball". So i have removed all of it at once from the cage, hoping nothing happens to my other mouse.
    Don't know if any know about this product. Looks like hair, comes in a bag and is for mice and other rodents for nesting. I think from now on i will just stay with basic stuff. Nothing fancy... Sawdust and paper towels

    Writing my story here.. Tears on a keyboard I think i will call it... How will i ever get through this every 2 years when I want to keep having pet mice.. Just going to have to bite the apple once in awhile and remember how much fun i have with them while they are here.. :-/
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    I'm so sorry, it's so hard to go through :(

    RIP little one :angel:
  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    I'm so sorry she had to go and leave U that way! I didn't expect that and thought it's just a disorder which can be set right! Don't know the product U mention here, however as U also say 'sawdust' - that's actually very harmful to mice in general, although it has nothing to do with your mousie's constipation. I hope U will be thinking of all the good memories and always know how happy she was as long as she was with U.
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
    Posts: 548
    Well I sent my best thought to you and Minnie sorry it was not enough for her and you.

    I always cry when My mice go weather it's medical or old age that sends them away.

    I hope you know that she loves you and you done your best for her cause she knows that.

    Remember the fun and the good times you both had,

    REST IN THE GOOD SLEEP Minnie :angel:
  • Posts: 40
    I'm so sorry for you loss, but you did the best thing.

    RIP Little one :angel:
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