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Quick Metacam question?

_Fennic_Fennic Legacy
Vets asking me to put my girl who unfortunately has a lump surrounding her sciatic nerve which pretty much means it's a waiting game to have her put to sleep. He said have her on 2 drops of metacam a day. Is that one drop at one point one drop at a later time of day? (I feel guilty not managing to catch this as i was having a breathing attack at the time with 3 mice up and 4 rats at the vets and trying to organize everything) I don't want to call back and seem ignorant or such, anyone have an idea? They're all going on baytril via water for 5 days as well. Is that wise doing it in water as I know some are iffy about doing it in water for rats.


  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    I'm sure they won't mind a ring back to clarify - it sounds like you had your hands full! Does the bottle have any instructions printed on it? my vet usually does a print out to wrap round.

    I personally haven't had much luck with baytril in the water, it has a very strong tastes and I'd worry it would just put them off drinking, which would be a big worry in this weather. You can mix it with something - there are some ideas here on the dosing baytril thread that might help.

    sorry to hear about your girl :hug:
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