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Zithromax Dosage

_lauren_lauren Legacy
I have been a total plonker and thrown my zithromax box away (which had the sticky label for dosing instructions stuck to the front) :oops:

I'm planning to dose the water with it, last time I did this it was a total success and was drunk quicker than normal drinking water. I called the vet today and my usual two go-to vets are unavailable and the other locum vet wasn't sure.

Do any of you guys know how to dose this? I have a feeling it was 0.01ml per mouse in the water last time but I don't want to risk anything going wrong


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    Hi Lauren, might be worth dropping kallan a PM as she`s the resident vet! I have used Zithromax once but I mixed the powder in the bottle with tap water and was advised to dose it orally or on food. But dosing in the drinking water sounds like a better plan as the drug is mixed with water anyway, so it seems to be the best solution. I had to call my vet back when I got home as I wasn`t too sure about how much water to add, but I quickly got the answer from the vet nurse who confirmed the label for me.

    Who actually prescribed it? If they are not available I would ask them to try and find the answer even from another vets as you are waiting to use it and can`t until you have clarification. They should have the dosing instructions on their database surely? They print out the label for the drug?!!
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    Thanks guys :)

    The two good vets were on leave/off sick and the locum didn't know and couldn't find it on my records. Went down yesterday to see my normal vet and he found it no problem. He's dosing it at 0.05ml per mouse in as much water as the group get through in 24 hours.
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    Thanks April, me too.

    I'm not havingt much luck at the moment, having lost beth on Sunday I'm expecting another loss this week - I have one girl with a massive tumour that is growing by the hour, another riddled with internal tumors and 3 needing treatment for RIs :( One of those weeks I suppose
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