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I don't know if I need advice or what I need from this really but it is health related so I thought I'd post it here.
As I mentioned in BooBoo's memorial (and as quite a few members know) Moo suffers from recurrent respiratory infections. She had a lump removed from under her tail and one of the times I've been back since about her RI, the vet has said that the tumour removed could have spread inside and be the root cause of her RI's. I guess this might make sense since Baytril doesn't seem to clear her no matter how long a doseage she's put on.
Anyway, I took her and BooBoo in Wednesday before last and the vet said the only anti-biotics they offer is Baytril (I know there are others out there and that I really need to contact another vet about her RI's) anyway, we discussed the option of X-Rays/Scans to find out what's going on but the vet realistically said that if they did find tumours on her lungs then we wouldn't be able to do anything and that the results might not even get back before she passes. I also said when she had her op that I wouldn't risk her having a procedure under anesthetic.
I brought her home obviously and recently (like over the past week or so) there has been squeaking coming from the cage and I just put it down to mouse squabbles now I can't been able to even hold her or touch her without getting full on screeched at. She practically screams at me when I touch her sides or tummy and kicks out with her back legs, she's the same if Min goes near her and isn't very careful. I'm guessing she's in pain and I know she needs to go back to the vet (I will be making an appointment) but could there be any other explanation for the screeching?
I'm thinking that maybe she is in pain because of tumours or something.
I know this sounds selfish but I'm really not ready to lose another mousey


  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
    Posts: 592
    It doesn't sound so good for little Moo :( It might be that your vet could give her some anti-inflammatories and painkillers that could help for a little while, I know that some of my mice have been very tender and jumpy with certain tumours and that something like prednisolone has helped but not always. I can't think of it being anything else :(

    Good luck at the vets - I'm keeping my fingers crossed xx
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
    Posts: 548
    WOW that is tough to hear GIS I hope you can get her sorted out so Moo can stay a little longer with you.
    It dose sound like she is in pain I hope the vet can give you something that will ease the pain in Moo.

    doesn't seem to be good for Moo and you fingers crossed for both of you.
  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    If I read your description the right way, I would think that Moo is in a lot of pain, and when mice get to the stage U seem to describe, their suffering increases daily. U have to consider that a mouse, from an instinct of self preservation, hides pain and suffering as long as it is possible. Life extending meds I've offered to mice which did not show signs of pain yet, but when she behaves like Moo, to me that would be the red light at which to stop. I may be misreading what U say, but I'd like to ask U, don't make a mouse suffer because U think U can't let her go. At least her screams are pain and can't be misread. Wait for the vet's advice, but it's also been my experience that not everything a vet can do has to be beneficial to a very sick mouse.
  • _GhostsInSnow_GhostsInSnow Legacy
    Posts: 522
    Oh no I would never keep an animal in pain because I couldn't face losing them. I think I probably worded my post a little wrong in that respect. I had my cat pts last year because she was going into congestive heart failure. The vet had offered medication saying she might live weeks or months but I knew her quality of life was nowhere near what it should be. I'd never keep any of my babies alive and suffering for my own selfish reason
  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    I didn't think U would, but I know how hard things can be. How is little Moo today?
  • _GhostsInSnow_GhostsInSnow Legacy
    Posts: 522
    She's doing okay, less squeaking but she'll be at the vets soon. The last time I took her about her issues though the vet said even if they x-rayed and found tumours, he wouldn't be able to do anything but if we can't manage her pain, I would rather let her go
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