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itchy and tricky situation

_Chloe_Chloe Legacy
hey haven't been on here for a while, been busy with all my pets etc!
quick Oct I rescued 3 male mice, in Nov, Coco got ill and passed away due to what the vet thought was a chest infection.
he was the dominant one, so Coffee and Cookie started fighting for the boss had to split them up.
around jan/feb time Cookie got mites and had lots of visits to the vets...the mites got treated via oral medicine. but, his skin was still red and scabby from where he'd been itching.
since then, hes been back and forth to the vets and has tried oral medicines, creams and now on a gel. none of which have made any difference, and maybe some has made it skin worse, as now he has only part of his ears.
he hasn't been back to the vets for a few weeks now as the gel he's on now is basically last resort.
so I've kind of been in the tricky situation of what to do next. he looks awful (appearance wise) but most days he runs around normally and eats/drinks/poops normally. he doesn't go on his wheel anymore though (maybe as his balance is bad due to missing parts of his ears). although he still scratches now and again and sometimes squeaks as he does it so it must hurt.
and literally just 5mins ago when he was out for his play, he'd obviously tried to nibble/lick a sore bit on his back...he got his skin stuck on his tooth and starting squeaking. after panicking and nearly crying I managed to get hold of his and gently unhook his skin from his tooth.
I've asked him please don't try that again, because if he does it when he's in his cage I may not be there to help! (although I will be checking him more regularly)
sorry for the essay guys but i'd appreciate some advice on what to do next! I wish he could talk so I knew what to do!
thanks in advance


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Ask your vet about a steroid injection, I think it was the only thing that worked on my mouse (Tango) and it did only work for a month or so before he started scratching again.
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
    Posts: 548
    do you all have a burn cream with a pain relief in that you can buy at the pharmacist without a script from the vet if you do look at the ingredients.

    here is what to look for in the amounts of the ingredients neomycin 3.5 mg first aid antibiotic, polymyxin B 10,000 units first aid antibiotic, and pramoxine HCI 10 mg external analgesic.

    These are the ingredients in a over the counter product here in the states my vet told me to use this once a day on my lefty who had the same problem like your cookie, Dr. Hope told me to put it on his sore area and lightly rub it all in once a day but I asked could I apply it twice a day cause he still buggin the sore area he said it won't hurt to do that.

    at first Lefty didn't like it at all and would through a fit but I kept telling him that this was good for him and I used a couple of tubes of the stuff called Neosporin here in the states and before I got started with this stuff Lefty looked just as bad as your cookie. and lost his part of his left ear from his scratching, but he was find after a bit

    But before you try and find something similar over there run it by your vet I'm just letting you know what work for my Lefty on the advise of my vet
  • _Hammiet_Hammiet Legacy
    Posts: 0
    This may be of no help, but in the least its an experience shared!

    I rescued a mouse from the pet shop a few weeks ago and called her cake. She was unable to be sold due to having developing sore spots resulting in a huge area or red almost wound like appearance over her back, they had managed to control this however by putting her on carefresh bedding and changing her diet to selectiv mouse food. However an employee accidentally fed her hamster food for 2 days and then she started to scratch her ears to the point where there are practically no ears left, but once back on the mouse food she started to improve.

    I took her home and did nothing with her apart from ensure she was on carefresh and had the same selectiv mousefood, however I also gave her a better quality of life by adding lots of fun toys and levels and things to do to try to distract her from scratching in the hope it would give her ears a chance to heal, previously her cage was lacking in the toy department. I didnt want to poke cream and things at her to begin with to let her settle in my home and get a bit used to me, but i didnt have to worry in the end anyway as i saw improvements and decided to leave a lone was for the best.

    I initially thought her scratching could also have been bought on by loneliness and boredom as unfortunately she has been on her own for the first year of her life :( I am still working on introducing her to my other mice atm but she has a respiratory infection that wont budge which hasnt gotten worse or better for a couple of weeks.

    So basically, in my circumstance I think diet was a huge factor, i'm not saying that selectiv mouse food is the best kind of mouse food as I dont know about mouse nutrition, but it may be worth giving it a go as it seems pretty essential to my cakeys health and she is now even starting to grow hair on her back again which I thought was never going to happen! her ears (or whats left of them) are also now lovely and pink with no scabs

    I also supplement her meals with a couple of meal worms, garden peas and millet spray.

    Hope this is of any help :)
  • _Susie_Susie Legacy
    Posts: 290
    I've had 3 mice scratch themselves silly. Linus had skin cancer, Eris had cancer from an internal tumour, Kestra had cancer.
    I hope it's nothing sincere like that for your little guy though. This is just my experience with chronic scratching.
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