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Worried about my mouse :(

_nelmes_nelmes Legacy
I recently bought 2 mice, one is more laid back than the other. more recently the laid back one just doesn't seem right? She just doesn't seem herself and she practically keeps her eyes closed all the time.. I just don't know what to do for her? I was worried initially she may be pregnant as her tummy is really round on both sides where as my other mouse hasn't got this? They are both females and was with other females so if she isn't pregnant, what would be the reason her tummy is so round?


  • _njwilde_njwilde Legacy
    Posts: 47
    I am sorry to hear one of your girls seem unwell. I dont want to scare you but I got three mice that were supposed to have been just with girls but it turned out 2 of them were pregnant so it would not be unusual. Also, what do you mean with "she isnt like herself", did she change behaviour and got rounder after you got her or was she different from the start? And does she eat well or interacts with the other girl? Maybe give her some more protein-fuelled diet if she feels sleepy and make sure she has plenty of fresh food/veg. How does her fur look like? I hope she is not pregnant and most of all, I hope she is not ill and may just be different in character!
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