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Cakey's respiratory problem

Hi guys,

I feel like all I do is post stressed out illness related mouse posts on this forum so for that I apologise!

My rescue mouse cake seems to be suffering worse than usual with her underlying respiratory infection that wont budge. I have been managing it for the last couple of months since having her with numerous doses of baytril and it seems to get less aggressive but never fully goes. Lately I have noticed that she seems to be struggling to breath a lot more than usual and she also doesn't seem to be making herself a nest to sleep in anymore which I don't understand, she used to create a little burrow within lots of hay and tissue paper she would create herself, but since cleaning her out tuesday she hasn't bothered, opting to sleep on top of a flat area of the tissue and hay completely uncovered, why do you think she might be doing this?

I just don't know how I can help her anymore because she hates to be touched and is very squeaky, all alone, and very ill. with no ears either :( she really is a sorry state! I'm starting her on another course of baytril as of tomorrow, but I feel like giving her all these different medications can't be natural for her, and doesn't seem to be helping for longer than a week anyway :/

Has she given up? :(


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    I think you could really do with some advice from the vet who may suggest a different medication or a higher dose. As you've mentioned, it's difficult to completely get rid of respiratory infections and as affected mice get older they seem to struggle more with them. Because of her laboured breathing she probably hasn't got the energy to make a bed.
  • _Hanlou_Hanlou Legacy
    Posts: 12
    I would never ever add Baytril to water. This is a very outdated method and has long been recognised as being totally ineffective.

    You cannot regulate the amount given and with Baytril tasting so bitter it can make things much worse as the poor animal can then end up dehydrated because they won't drink their water!

    I always do the 'direct into the mouth' method with Baytril these days. No chance of a dose being missed then.
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    Poor thing, these respiratory illnesses are so hard to treat. I've had success at treating with Zithromax and as I had illness in 6 out of my 8 mice I dosed the water - it tastes like cherry and went down quicker than normal water. If not, it soaks into biscuit quite well. it might be worth discussing that with the vet if further courses of baytril don't work. Good luck :)
  • _Hanlou_Hanlou Legacy
    Posts: 12
    I've often thought its a shame they can't make Baytril taste a bit better! :(

    I tried it myself once and it really is revolting. Taste makes a huge difference - I've never had any problems dosing Metacam as it tastes nice!

    Just thought Id mention that - when my hamster had a really nasty infection my vet sensibly prescribed Metacam (pain relief) alongside the Baytril. I'm sure it helped. I think sometimes it's easy to forget this aspect of pet health - if we had a nasty chest infection we'd probably take Anadins or something alongside the AB's so in future I will be asking for pain meds as I fe it helps them cope better and fight the illness. My hamster is still very lively and came through the infection well even though we thought we'd lose her.
  • _Hanlou_Hanlou Legacy
    Posts: 12
    I found Bisolvon helped a past ratty with ongoing respiratory problems - I think it opens up the airways. It's a powder so easy to hide in food etc too. :)
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