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What are the signs of respiratory infections in mice? What noises are normal for mice and what aren'

We got some mice this afternoon and as we've never owned any before we're not too sure whats normal and whats not. One of the girls (Spud) is definetly a bit chubby but we're not too concerned about that. What is worrying us is that the other (Monster) is making a quiet clicking sound quite often, is that normal? She's also making occasional little noises that're difficult to explain. They're sort of like a sneeze as she's exhaling really suddenly, but they're not squeaky enough to be a sneeze if that makes sense?
I know mice are prone to respiratory infections and I'm sure I've read somewhere that these could be signs of one, but I can't remember where I read it. If there's any doubt at all about their health we'll be taking both girls to the vet on Monday morning to be safe but it seemed worth asking for opinions here in the meantime.
Thanks for any help

Edited to add - Sorry, forgot to say earlier but we've also seen Monster drinking at least three times now whereas Spud hasn't had a drink at all so far (they've been here for about four hours and it was also about three hours in the car with broccoli as a water source). Monster has been more active than Spud so we know it might be normal, but we're not sure so I figured I'd mention it.


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    The clicking noise that you are hearing does sound like one of the signs of an RI - mice are normally silent with only a few exceptions. It would certainly match up with the other breathing noises that you are hearing as well. Other signs can include breathing seeming laboured (you are able to see their sides moving very quickly) and making choking type noises or having mucus around their mouth if the RI is particularly bad.

    I wouldn't worry so much about the drinking - mice that are more active do tend to drink a lot more :) Viola, one of my girls, is always charging around playing, so is constantly at the water bottle - whereas her sister is only at it a few times because she's much lazier :lol:
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    Thought so, thanks both :)
    Will see how she is later and take her to the vets in the morning if there're still any signs of it. Its good to know the drinking is probably just because she's more active though
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    Just incase anyone was wondering, Spud developed symptoms too and as they got progressively worse over Sunday we ended up taking them to the vet on Monday.
    We had to take a hamster anyway and felt it was definetly better safe than sorry. They've got baytril in their water and are both improving. We do know that baytril will probably not work again in future, but it should work this time, seems to be working this time and the hamster alone was giving the vet enough of a headache for one visit lol
    Spud is also nice and active so we have high hopes of convincing her to lose a little of the extra weight soon - she's already more agile than she was so we think having more space than she used to is helping :)
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    Its good to know baytril has helped some mice a few times, I had the impression some wouldn't approve of it so am glad I was wrong.

    They're on a fairly high dose - higher for Monster than Spud though because its in their water and Monster is smaller than Spud. They'll be on it for two weeks and getting it every time they drink so hopefully it'll prove to be enough to clear the resp infections properly

    The mice are definetly improving though, and the hamster is just awkward but she's not aware she's ill so we can manage stuff with her however it turns out
    Hopefully the mice will be fine again by the end of the baytril course :)
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