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Update on Lou

Just back from the vets with Lou and there is still blood in his pee so we have another week of baytril to gove two times a day along with some pain relief.

Basically she thinks that if it was an infection it would have cleared by now and that it probably is a tumour in the bladder as the blood is so red. As he is still eating well and doing everything normally ahe thinks that if he still hasn't improved she can just give me pain relief meds for him to take daily to stop any pain he is in and then take him in to PTS when he starts getting worse but he's not lost any weight so we will just need to see.

He is now away with his bit biscuit with his meds on so he is a little happier now, will just need to spoil him with treats now!


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    Bless him. At least you know he`s in good hands peter and without x-rays, we can`t see what`s going on inside their body. Lets hope it is just a bad infection that the antibiotics will clear up. If you do see the blood disappearing, I would keep the Baytril going to make sure it`s had a good shot at killing whatever is the cause. Give him a wee piece of apple or tomato as well as these are acidic, so if his urine in more alkaline, these will help. Sometimes crystals in the urine can form and cause urolithiasis (happens in rats). Initially, drops of blood will be seen but then the rat won`t be able to pass urine due to these crystals. Surgery is the only cure for urolithiasis, but even then, the condition can return. Hamsters are also prone to this.

    Keep us posted.
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    Thanks RM, i'll try the apple but none of my mice have ever liked fruit only herbs but it is worth a shot. He is still peeing as normal it just has blood in it so don't think it's a blockage. As you say hopefully with the 2 times a day baytril hopefully it goes away if not atleast i can make sure he won't be in any pain.

    My vet loves him and thinks he's really sweet, he's getting on though as he is 22 months now!
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    Thanks Roz, he seems okay still so that's a good thing and was waiting for his bowl to be filled up so he's still enjoying his food. Will just have to make sure he's comfy and happy with plenty biscuit treats for him!

    Will pass on your hug for him :)
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