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Bit of a shock! has anyone heard of this before?

On thursday night i came home from work and gave my girls a cuddle. Straight away i noticed that Spirit my youngest (9 mnths) smallest mouse was dragging her back right foot along... on closer inspection when running my finger along the inside of her tail there was no response at all. It was just completely limp. She wasnt squeaking or bothered in any way and when i put her down she seemed to walk fairly normally and drag herself up the sides of the cage.
First thing the next morning i took her to the vets. She gave Spirits tail a little squeeze and deduced that she also had no feeling in it... :( poor girl, the only thing that i think could have happened is a funny fall, possibly trapping the nerves or damaging her spinal column or something...
The vet gave her an injection to hopefully reduce any swelling around the spine and gain some movement back in her foot or tail, and said that if it didnt return the tail would probably have to be amputated as she or one of the others may start chewing it and it is getting in her way (she keeps treading on it).
The foot would possibly have to be amputated too though that is a more complex procedure... there is movement from above the knee and the other back foot is fine.
Was just a shock that this happened to my youngest and most agile mouse... the cage was safe, she just cant have something with bars now...
I think her tail will probably have to be amputated :( though as she still has movement above the knee i may ask the vet to leave her foot, as i am getting a long flat glass tank so there is nothing she would be able to trap it in.
What are peoples thoughts and opinions?


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    I hope shes okay and sending get betger wishes.

    I know of amputee rats and they all stop in barred caes so I see no neeed to change her cage other than to add more hammocks to break up gaps in case she falls.
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    Thank you!
    Thats a good idea, am being given a massive glass terrarium with a mesh lid anyway, so may see what i can do with it, just becasue i think i would worry about her foot getting caught if it didnt get amputated... will get on with making mouse hammocks. made a ratty one with owls on :D
  • _mousequeen!_mousequeen! Legacy
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    That would be good thank you! do you know how it happens, and do you think its unnecessary for her tail to be amputated?
    :) thanks
  • _mousequeen!_mousequeen! Legacy
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    Wow. Thanks so much for all your help. good to know about the cleaning, will watch out for that, though hopefully my other girls will give her a hand!
    and thanks for the tips on cage setup for disabled mice :) definitely some good tips.
    Do you know whether if in future i were to potentially (not definitely) add a neutered buck to the group her ailment would cause problems with acceptance?
  • _mousequeen!_mousequeen! Legacy
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    Got home today to find shes lost the use of her other back foot as well :( its really scary, surely that shouldnt have happened that fast... taking her to the vets again tomorrow...

    Thats interesting, hopefully she'll stop getting worse :cry:
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