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Pet insurance/vet's bills?

Would anyone be able to give me an average sum you might expect to pay in vet's bills for mice per year/lifetime? And do people usually get pet insurance for them, or just pay as things come along? If people on here have insurance, would you mind telling me how much it costs, and whether you'd recommend the company?

Sorry for all the questions!


  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
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    I looked into it once as I have had a lot of mice at one time, but by the time you pay the costs and then the excess, it would actually be cheaper to just pay the vet in most cases. As far as I know most exotic insurers will only insure mice as a collection. I pay as I go along for mine, as it's a lot cheaper for me but I can't for the life of me think how much I've spent out on average in each mouse's lifetime. I think I've spent a fair whack, but the average for the costs of my mice would include a few operations. I could tell you how much I spend on the most common treatments I've had though if that would help?
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    When we had to take Monster and Spud we paid ?15.84 consult and ?1.38 for way more baytril than the girls have actually needed.
    Its about the same as we pay for hamster consults too (I know they're about ?15 but never really check the bills too well). I know a 3ml bottle of metacam is ?8 something though, one of the hamsters is on metacam for the rest of her life so we go through about a bottle a month with her.

    Edit - Just got an insurance quote for the six mice. I'd have to pay ?500.90 a year as well as the first ?50 of any treatment. Doesn't seem worth it somehow.
    Plus to cover all the pets I'd need two more policies from them to cover the hamsters, for the first eight hamsters it'd be ?639.40 (they won't let me put more than eight pets per policy) and then for the other four it'd be ?352.50 which gives me a total of ?1492.80 to cover all the pets for a year, all with the same conditions as the mice and us paying the first ?50 of any bill. We've definetly not spent anywhere near that on vet bills in the past year so I think we're definetly best off not getting pet insurance at the moment.
    We've not had our mice long at all, but we've had quite a few hamsters for the entire past year so we know insurance isn't really worth it for them.
  • _mousequeen!_mousequeen! Legacy
    Posts: 120
    I just have about ?200 saved for vets bills,
    And for my 6 boys and 3 girls between them for the last year I'd say I've spent only about ?120 on vets bills.
    Really depends on what the consultation fees are!
  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    Thought about this once and found that insurance for my mousies would only be an unnecessary cost with no benefits.
    Due to having often adopted mice from shelters turning out to need treatments throughout their lives the most I've spent on 1 mouse was about ?160 within a few weeks, but that included the lab analysis of removed lump - something which I've learnt to regard as pointless.
    At the moment, I've got 3 healthy boys; they've been with me since last summer, and my mouse health experience so far lets me estimate that once they start to need treatments they won't be with me for much longer.
    The amounts I spend on their bedding and other regular things are huge in comparison to the vet bills.
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