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Small pink dot on my mouse

One of my mice has a small pink dot on her chest that looks a bit like a nipple, only I'm not sure it is because you can't see any others like this. I'm sure I would have noticed it before!

Could it be something bad, like a tumour?

Maybe some kind of problem with her nipple?

I tried to get a photo of her climbing the bars but it was so difficult. The cage bars are narrow and she kept on climbing. She's very shy so I'd prefer not to flip her over.


Sorry for the quality of the photo, it's all I can get right now.


  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    Sorry I'm not sure where the spot is on the photo, but if something like what U describe worried me I'd get a vet to have a look at it; it may be nothing, but then U'd have peace of mind.
  • _Nicola_Nicola Legacy
    Posts: 11
    It's hard to identify where the lump is located in the photo, but from what you've explained, it sounds like it's something along the lines of a tumor, cyst or abscess.
    I'd call around and ask your local vets if they can suggest any exotics vet whom have specialties dealing with mice, get them to diagnose and examine the lump, then discuss the options. Good luck, I hope it's nothing to serious :hug:
  • _Speedy_Speedy Legacy
    Posts: 8
    Yes it's near her left leg at the very top of the photo in the middle. Apologies again for the quality.

    I think for now I will just keep checking it doesn't get bigger or change. I'll see if I can count her nipples (is it 4 at the back and 6 at the front?) I think they have 10 in total? Then I can figure out if it's actually one of them.

    Has anyone here had this on one of their mice before?
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