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Problems with my new mouse Keziah

Last monday i welcomed a little 14 month old PEW mouse into my life, a woman had advertised her on a facebook group as she wanted her to go to someone who had a group of female mice she could live with.
She arrived in a cage that reeked to high heaven, her fur was in terrible condition.. she felt quite thin and her eye looked rather strange. A week of a clean cage and good diet her fur has grown marvellously and she has gained 7g in weight. However, i took her to the vets today to have her eye seen to, my vet's diagnosis is either a) glaucoma or b) a tumour behind her eye causing the bulging appearance. She has been prescribed Pred Forte anti-inflammatory to keep her more comfortable, the options are
1. Risking eye removal surgery
2. Keeping her as she is, until she gets bothered by the eye and help her across the bridge

I'd really like some opinions as to what to do, normally i'm quite good with knowing what course of action to embark upon but i'm not in a very good position to make a good judgement right now, had to rush one of my chinese hamsters to the emergency vet last night and she was PTS so i'm totally heartbroken and shocked and lost since the day before she was in peak health condition.
Thanks in advance for any responses


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    I'm sorry about your little Chinese Ham.

    My epileptic mouse Twist has a bulge just below his eye and he doesn't appear to be able to see with that eye. He's on Metacam daily for the rest of his life but otherwise it doesn't bother him in the slightest. It could well be a tumour and that might also be causing the epilepsy but he's had it for months now and I've just left it alone.

    If I were you I'd just watch your new mouse for a week or so and see if the eye is causing her any discomfort.
  • _Susie_Susie Legacy
    Posts: 290
    Thankyou everyone for your sound advice, really appreciate it. :) I'm keeping an eye on her, she seems to be coping okay. Though one issue i am having now is she is barbering the others, and as a result a couple have developed resp flare ups. :|
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