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Mouse with epilepsy

Whoops, see whose new !!!! :-)
Our sons mouse has epilepsy, we have been using hotwater bottles as heat pads as he gets very very cold, mornings are his worst times, he is a very young mouse, weve had him for two weeks, but very much loved !! What else can we do for him please, the vet has put him on metcat for cats, andcwe are due to revisit in weeks time, will the epilepsy shorten our mouses' life ??


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Hello and welcome.

    I too have a mouse with epilepsy. He's on a daily dose of Metacam from the vet (I also have Phenobarb for him but he doesn't like the taste of that). I guess it depends on the cause of the epilepsy as to how long he'd be expected to live but my little boy has just reached his 2nd birthday so it's entirely possible your son's mouse will live for some time yet.

    Can I ask what the symptoms are in your son's mouse?
  • _Wilfred_Wilfred Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Its not metcat the vet gave us, its metacam !!!,
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