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Best type of 'Nest box' for mice?

What is the best thing to use for mices next boxes. I've tried a few and i'm happy with what i have for my females but what do people with males find is best to keep them in?

I was going to move them all back to plastic houses but worry about the smell building up too much or condensation. I do have one boy who used to love his plastic house but now has made his next in an old milk carton. Any ideas for males and females welcome :D


  • _Annie_Annie Legacy
    Posts: 119
    I usually use small cardboard boxes for groups and half-dozen egg boxes for single mice or pairs. Mine would never choose the plastic houses over the carboard ones, so I never found any point in having them, plus I can just throw out and replace the boxes!

    My largest group (12 at the moment) has a wire shower basket filled with hay, they love that!

  • _Galaxy_Galaxy Legacy
    Posts: 714
    I use the coconut shells. It is the only "wooden" thing I haven't chucked out so they must be good :D
  • _T-bear_T-bear Legacy
    Posts: 548
    I use bird type hanging nest get them at pet shop, tarracota pots,cardboard boxes,and some of the plastic igloo type. it really depends on my mice want they want OH almost forgot I also use pet shop small critter wooden house's
    My one boy Lefty don't like any type for a nest and he will sleep in the open of his cage he won't even sleep in his loo paper tube that he likes to play with he has always been a little on the strange side.


    BTW: my avatar is Lefty
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    I use these:

    The little Homer cubes are great and I don't find they get smelly (is it just my girls but they don't seem to really pee in their bed). And I don't have any chewers so they don't get damaged. They also have a coconut shell and a coconut hideaway from the Boredom breakers/Naturals range at PAH. They do love their egg boxes too :)
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    I think i'll give the coconuts a go, seems to be most peoples mice like them!

    I'd use the fuzzbuts for my girls but not my boys as they would stink them out in minutes haha. Right now they have a choice between plastic house, cardboard or a sputnik, going to try some other things to see what they like best. I also like the idea of the terecotta pot, I think my male Jingle would like that as he is in a milk jug at the minute. Will need to make a another trip out to buy some coconuts. Thanks for all the tips everyone :D
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    Thanks Roz, i'll look for them too to try them with, hopefully the boys will find something they like :)
  • _peter01_peter01 Legacy
    Posts: 594
    When i first got my 4 original mice i got this little willow bell type hut from p@h and they loved destorying that too. Even when it had no walls they still liked to have a snooze in it! :lol:
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