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Bite marks on Nutmeg's tail?

I got my mice back today, and the lady who'd been looking after them pointed out a few red marks on Nutmeg's tail:


I know the picture's not great, but do they look like bite marks, and if so what should I do about it? Dolly is my main suspect, as she's always been a little troublemaker, but this is the first sign of actual injury that I've seen. I'm guessing it was down to being in closer quarters in their holiday cage, so fingers crossed being back in their normal bigger cage will sort the problem out.

My instinct is just to monitor them (and Nutmeg's injuries, which don't seem at all severe) and not take action unless something else happens. Do you think that's the right thing to do? And is it best to leave her tail to heal on its own? I have antiseptic cream somewhere, plus hibiscrub or could make up a saline solution, but I suspect that with such small injuries it's best just to wait and see, and intervene if it gets worse.

None of the other mice seem at all injured, and I think this only happened last night (the lady checked on them regularly, and heard some loud squeaking then), so I'm hoping this is the end of the problem!


  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    I'd go with your instinct.
    I did use a salve on The Basil's tails but theirs had more bites so I felt it was needed.

    Hopefully it was just a one off because of the situation :)
  • Posts: 0
    I hope it is just a one off and that the group are all fine again in the bigger cage :)
  • _Veroxion_Veroxion Legacy
    Posts: 202
    Aw, poor Nutmeg. It doesn't look too bad, and like everyone else I'd go with instinct. I hope she recovers well and there isn't a repeat once they're all in the big cage again. :)
  • _Veroxion_Veroxion Legacy
    Posts: 202
    It's great to hear she's recovering and there are no more marks that have appeared. :)
  • Posts: 0
    Thats really good news :)
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