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Preferred methods of euthanasia?

Ok, well I'm still considering comfort care rather than euthanasia at this point, but I need to think about the option also. What is the preferred method of euthanasia for mice?

I've only ever had to euthanize a hamster, and it ended up with the use of a non-ideal method that was best given the situation, but I want to know what the general opinion is on the best way to have it done.


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    If she needs help to pass over, a vet should agree to a little anaesthetic gas and then injection, although some will just inject directly. I would insist on allowing her to fall asleep with some gas before the injection just for the peace of mind that she won`t feel anything if and when the time arises. x
  • _Veroxion_Veroxion Legacy
    Posts: 202
    I agree talking to a vet is the best option. I've only had to put a cat down, and a wild mouse. I was only present for the first as she was my pet for ten years, and she was put to sleep followed by an injection.

    I can't comment on the mouse, I stepped out of the room, but I think vets have different ways of handling small animals when they euthanize them.
  • _angeliccaaa_angeliccaaa Legacy
    Posts: 43
    I think the vet should give some anaesthetic gas before the final injection. Couldn't you insist on being there during the process? My vet allows us to be present during euthanasia. But I agree, just discuss it with your vet. If you are really uneasy with that vet, a 1.5 hour ride will be worth it.
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