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Tumor or just infection?

Hi all,
sorry for this being my first post, i'm just really worried.
I have 2 male mice in different cages (and houses), Mitz is the older, he's 2 years old, Scar is his son, about a year old.
Last week i noticed scar has a swollen toe on his hand. i just waited a few days to see if it gets better but it only got worse..
He's living in a (very) big aquarium with paper and cloth as bedding due to his father's allergies, just didn't take a risk with wood shavings.
there might be some things that could cause a scratch or a tiny wound but i don't know if this is the case. any way i hope it is because treating an infection would be much easier.
I have a bottle of antibiotics similar to baytril the vet prescribed for Mitz when he was ill, thought about trying it on scar to see if it helps.

Here's a poor pic of his finger. Maybe someone seen something like this before?
I'll appreciate any advice or reference.


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    Here's the picture!

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