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Getting Mortimer Neutered?

So I had the idea of getting Mortimer neutered when I was considering getting him a playmate. Though, I don't want him to be neutered right now, as his wounds are still visible (though healing up really well). Probably not for another several months would I even take this into consideration again, but I'm sure my vet can handle this type of operation I'd just have to ask...

See, I don't want to get a mouse again from Petco. Not only do I refuse to support Petco's animal suppliers but I refuse to get mice from them (unless it was an emergency of course - which is different...). Though my local Petsmart has only female rodents, so they cant get in any male mice, and if I had to get a mouse from Petsmart (which aren't sold as feeders BTW, only as pets!) it would be strictly female.

Though, if I did get him a buddy I could get Mort neutered? What are your opinions on this? I like the quality care that they give the mice at Petsmart. They have them in pairs or trios and even though the tanks are rather small and I don't like the wheels they have them in better conditions than Petco which they are all crammed together and that causes a higher risk of fights.

I just feel more comfortable for getting Mortimer a buddy at Petsmart. Though, worst case scenario I could always ask about a Petsmart that DOES sell male rodents but I don't think that we have any unless they are in like Miami or Orlando which is about two hours away. So, my only option for a buddy for Mortimer is either me getting him neutered or him being a loner.

What are your opinions? (PS: I'm also going to decorate his cage with hammocks and bendable wooden bridges, hanging bridges, coconut hides and more! I'll post pictures sooner later, when I get the stuff! Plus, I'm finally working on taming him!)


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    I've had a number of male mice neutered and then they have been able to live with other neutered males or females but you could always look at getting multimammates (African soft-furred rats) as company for him.
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    We have two male mice at the vets for neutering at the moment, dropped them off about an hour and a half ago. They'd both fallen out with cagemates and this way (assuming all goes well and I do trust my vet) in six weeks time we can look at reintroducing them to each other and our other neutered males, then all the neutered males can meet our female group.
    It'll be far nicer for them than life alone so we've weighed up the pros and cons and we're all for neutering our males should they end up alone. There is always a risk with surgery and rodents aren't always great under anaesthetic but I think as long as you're 100% sure about it then its definetly an option worth considering.
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    So I've decided against getting Mort neutered, but I'm hoping to add in a bunch of toys and/or rotate the toys to keep him stimulated. I also don't think he'll ever be 100% tameable, but that's okay with me. I need to go shopping for him now that I got some spending money from my dad's parents the other day.

    I also hope to add things in like hammocks and swings and rope bridges, that type of stuff. So hopefully spraying will die down.
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