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Scratching and respiratory problem

My mouse Toby has had a respiratory infection for a long time, it seems to be improving slightly but he's still scratching. I've tried mite treatment multiple times and I've changed his bedding from megazorb to fleece. He doesn't have any peanuts/sunflower seeds etc. I'm sure it's compulsive and it's breaking my heart because he's so gentle and had a bad start in life.


His ear is torn and he has lots of sore patches. I will update in a few days with photos.


  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
    Posts: 153
    The poor thing, he looks like such a sweetie!

    I don't know if this is an option for you, but would you be able to get him a companion, like a neutered male or a multimammate, and see if the company would help distract him?

    I hope you find something that works, it must be absolutely heartbreaking watching him suffer. :(
  • _Pixie_Pixie Legacy
    Posts: 122
    One of my mice, has this issue with his ears!
    He has been treated for mites and fleas, treated for ringworm, treated for skin infection nothing worked. We have put it down to OCD with cleaning himself, he cleans himself a lot scratches his ears and neck due to pulling his own fur out it gets sore easily.

    My boy did have company but it went pear shaped so they had to be split, Milo is now near 2 years old so looks like company isn;t an option for him now.

    Have you tried saline water, it's helped a ton for Milo he has no scabs currently, and his ears have healed but he is partly missing some of his ear because of this problem.

    The resp infection, i have a mouse who has had them and he had two different types of antibiotics i forget the name, but maybe your mouse needs a combination of two antibiotics or just a change of antibiotics one which is more aggressive to treating resp infections.

    I have also used hibiscrub on Milo which worked when it was very bad, but to be honest saline water was the best thing thats helped him.

    The only thing for OCD i think is to make sure he has a lot of things to boredom break him, lots of tubes, shredded paper, digging box, hammocks, one or two wheels, and handling get him out more than you normally would for free range, lots of tasty foods, and stuff to keep him busy. Then cleaning 1-2 times a day with saline water when it flares up, my boy adores his cleaning routine with it, and licks me to death and falls asleep when im cleaning him up, once its ina routine to clean the wounds he might get used to it, he might struggle with it. I'm happy my boy seemed to enjoy the cleaning up bits as he used to hate the hibiscrub cleans but this he relaxes and feels a sense of relief with it.

    I also tried changing diet, bedding, things in the cage nothing worked, i just change the cage up every clean out add in some different toys to keep him busy.
  • _Stormborn_Stormborn Legacy
    Posts: 30
    Thanks for all the great advice. I tried to take more photos but they just end up blurred!

    I've never tried saline before, I want to try it but he hates getting wet and scratches even more. I use antibacterial powder on new or sore patches. I'm thinking about buying some Johnson's tea tree cream.

    Last night his eye was closed with white pus in it, I think it was an infected scratch, I used a wet cotton bud to gently clear it out.

    His respiratory infection has never fully cleared up, just improved, and he's had it for months. I've tried baytril which he loves taking a drop on a treat and he's also been on prednicare.
  • _Pixie_Pixie Legacy
    Posts: 122
    Try putting him in a pouch or something nice and snug while you sneak in to clean the cuts with saline water?
    I think he needs a different antibiotics to help shift the resp infection or batryl combined with another antibiotics.
  • Posts: 0
    We've tried other antibiotics with a hamster once too, she kept showing resp symptoms so other meds seemed worth a go. In her case it proved that she didn't have an infection (turned out to be scarring in her throat) but it was still really handy to try. Hopefully other meds will work well for you and your mouse :)
  • _Stormborn_Stormborn Legacy
    Posts: 30
    I've never heard of Veraflox, I'll mention it to the vet next time.

    I'm now giving him a drop of Baytril every 12 hours rather than every 24. He's improved slightly and he was even playing on his wheel again, he never used to, but I'm worried I might be giving him too much?
  • _mousequeen!_mousequeen! Legacy
    Posts: 120
    I have an old man mouse with this repetitive itching :(
    My house mate is a genius with rats, decided to put coconut oil on the sore bits and its cleared him right up!
    Its a miracle! :D

    I use baytril for resp but it often comes back :/ try a drop echinacea in some water for a health boost?
  • _Stormborn_Stormborn Legacy
    Posts: 30
    Mine is 2.5% Baytril dropped out of a small syringe, the vet asked how I give the mice it and seemed alright with one or two drops a day. It does say on the label something like 0.1 per 10ml of water but that's barely any water? He snatches the little piece of biscuit from me without fuss. :nom:

    Prednicare was a tablet broken into tiny pieces too, one piece per day. I would carefully crush it into powder with the back of a spoon and then wet my finger with water and stick it onto the biscuit, rich tea biscuits are perfect because when you break it the edge is really porous.

    I've just changed his fleece and now he's busy exploring. The scratching hasn't stopped and even though I'm almost certain that it's compulsive I'm still going to treat him for mites one final time and then removes the cages from the room and spray in there.

    I put ProC Probiotic in their water for a health boost and only put antibacterial powder on sore or new wounds.
  • _Stormborn_Stormborn Legacy
    Posts: 30
    Good idea, I think I'll buy a lava ledge (pumice stone) and put it on the cage floor.

    Toby is such a fighter and I'll try everything possible for him, even silly things like making a cone for his neck or spending all night watching him and distracting him. If I could just get the sore patches to heal then he won't keep picking at them and making it worse.
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