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Neutering gone wrong

_Susie_Susie Legacy
So mmm.. basicallymy guy alexis went for his 2nd ball to be removed a couple of weeks ago, almost 3 weeks now.
Ball one- completely fine and normal

Now after ball 2's removal like... half of his ears has just dissapeared, he looks so weird and his back end is so swollen up. My poor lad :( Not really sure what to think, why this has happened and stuff :(


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    Neutering does carry risks but I'm not sure why it'd have affected his ears. Have you taken him back to the vet to see what they think?

    Oh and has this happened recently or did it all start right after he had the surgery? It might be that its unrelated
  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
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    :( Poor Alexis , and you:(

    Ann is right about the ear thing being related to blood supply during anaesthesia - a few of my neuterd boys lost the tips of their ears but not as much as it sounds like your poor Alexis has. If I'm reading it right that he's been under the gas twice now to have 2 ops that might be why he's lost so much.

    As for his back end, I would get him back to the vet ASAP, to see what they say. Any swelling I would have thought to have been almost gone by now, so it sounds like something else is going on there. He may need antibiotics and anti-inflammatories if it is an infection as suggested. I'm not sure from your description, but perhaps a hernia is another possibility? A few of my boys developed these after their ops - it looks like they have a have flabby mass where their balls would have been> No one though will be able to tell you for definite so I hope the vet can help :(
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