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Need some advice... respiratory infection!

Hey everyone :wave:

You's may know that Poppy is ill with a respiratory infection atm. :(

I'm very worried that she isn't showing much improvement and was wondering how long does it take normally for a mouse to recover if they ever do?!

I know its only been a few days, but Last night she was up and about but i still haven't seen her eat or drink...

When do you think i should take her back to the vets, Im thinking monday if she hasn't improved anymore...

Im really worried about her :cry:

Any advice or help guys? :?


  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
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    I don't have any experience with respiratory infections, but if you haven't seen her eating or drinking it might be an idea to tempt her with a few things?

    From the supermarket:
    - kitty milk
    - scrambled eggs (my mice won't touch them, but I hear others like it)
    - porridge
    - creamed coconut made into a liquid with warm water
    - baby food
    - dioralyte made into a weak solution

    Or Rat Rations have various powdered medications that look good, and they do very quick delivery.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, I really do hope Poppy does start improving soon. x
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    Hazel was seriously ill with her own respiratory infection recently, she started to improve less than 24 hours into her medication (we had baytril in her water) but we may have been lucky there. Its now 12 days into the medication and we're hoping Hazel is better - but we're not going to assume until we stop the meds and she stays ok (she had a worse day again about a week into the medication).

    Have you tried her with her favourite treats? Ours love malt paste and I've heard good things about a tiny bit of biscuit too
    How are you giving her the meds? Is there any chance of giving her more nutrition with them?
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    Poor girl :( If you're really worried you could maybe syringe something like the cat milk into her as some sort of nutrition but I don't have any good ideas I'm afraid.

    I really hope she starts to improve soon
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