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Neutering aftercare advise

Sorry, I feel like I'm spamming with so many questions on neutering, I just have so many questions! :?

I'm trying to make a list of all the things I need to take into consideration on when Gus comes home after being neutered. I know the vets will also give me advise, but I like to be prepared before hand.

He's in a Barney cage right now. I was thinking about putting him in a slightly smaller bin cage with a mesh lid, so he couldn't climb the bars after wards. Would this be better for him?

I know he can't have a wheel afterwards, so that wouldn't be in there with him. It's just things like house, water, food maybe a chew toy? That he can have isn't it? Nothing hanging/climbing.

Then there's the substrate. Right now he's on Fitch, which is similar to carefresh, but dust free and softer. Would he be okay on that or could that cause an infection? Is there something else that would be better?

If you think there's any questions I have missed and anything else I need to know please let me know :)

Thank you :D


  • _Ri@nne_Ri@nne Legacy
    Posts: 0
    When my Nobi came home from the vet,
    I put him in his cage without toys, just food, and water, his house and a chew thing.. the little boy went crazy.
    He was a little dizzy, but after a few hours, he was his happy self again, and that same evening, i put back the wheel and some more toys.
    The things to climb on the other day, and i had a very happy mousey! :)
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
    Posts: 303
    When I had my first mice neutered I removed just about every toy from the cage to reduce the chances of stitches being pulled, but they were so lively when they got home I wondered why I'd bothered. So I wouldn't worry too much, but maybe remove the wheel at least for the first day and perhaps remove any climbing or hanging toys.

    Putting him in a bin cage would stop him from climbing, but personally I prefer to put them back into the environment they are used to, so they can have somewhere familiar for their recovery.

    I'm sure you'll be fine with the Fitch bedding too. I've never seen any signs of infection following a neutering, but if you are worried you could always just line the cage floor with newspaper rather than any type of deep substrate.

    It's a worrying time when they're at the vets, but I'm sure Gus will sail through it. When you take him on the day he should be able to have food and water in his cage and when you collect him you might find he's already up and about. Occasionally some of mine sleep a lot on their return (which always gets me very worried!) but they're usually up and eating within a couple of hours.

    Best of luck to you and Gus :)
  • Posts: 0
    We'd chosen the cages for ours partially because we planned to get them neutered once single but like the others we've found them back to normal pretty quickly - except ours were all rather unimpressed that their wheels'd vanished! All of ours were done on Wednesdays (wierd coincidence, they were done on three different dates) and they all got their wheels back the following Sunday because by then they seemed mostly healed already :)
    We did put the toy from the roof of their cages on the floor instead of the wheel but it didn't stop them reaching the cage lids to bar chew and show their displeasure within hours of the surgery lol
  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    To be honest I did pretty much as Ann did. I left them in the combo for a wee while when we got home, before sticking them back in their cage as they knew & remembered it. I think I did take out Cookies wheel for a while but not Eric's when he was done. I soon put it back in. I just felt that they had had to endure enough stress for the day as it was without me making things worse for them.
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