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Seizure causing personality change?

Hello, recently my brother was kind enough to get me three female mice (about 2 months ago) as I haven't had them for some years now and missed the companionship of these tiny little creatures. They have been fantastic- lively bubbly personalities and great fun.
But as I just went to check on them as I do every night to change their water and food I noticed Jaffa was sat staring in the corner (which is very unlike her as she usually comes up to my hand) and when I went to stroke her to see what was wrong and she jumped and ran away from me. She doesn't seem to be reacting as badly to her sisters presence although she is not engaging with them whatsoever and is just sat in the corner staring. She also started to wag her tail quite violently which is a sign of agitation I believe.
My brother informed me that he noticed her acting strangely the hour before- moving her paws up and down her face erratically and falling from the top of her house (which is very low so no damage could have been inflicted that way). And after acquiring this information I thought perhaps she may have had some kind of seizure? Could this have created her dramatic change in personality? She might just be frightened from whatever happened to her but I'm unsure.
I'm quite distraught because she has never acted like this not even when I held her for the first time. She's always been a sweet and gentle (if sometimes crazy) girl.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
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    I had a mouse who had epilepsy and I noticed a complete change of character, even before I saw him having any seizures. Having said that, an animal or person who is ill with any condition is likely to become quiet and withdrawn while they aren't feeling 100%. The other thing that has happened to a couple of my mice is that they've suddenly become spooked by something and although normally extremely friendly, they might act as if they are frightened of me for a few hours.

    Keep a close eye on her for any further symptoms and consider seeking the advice of a vet.
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