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Rapid Breathing?

Mortimer wasnt ever in a good state of health when I first got him, he was bloody and wounded when he arrived to me from Petco and I still am unable to handle him -while thats fine and all, he seems to appear have gotten some sort of upper respitory infection over the past week? I dont know. But, I can't take him to the vet! My mom wont let me.

Mortimer seems to just lie there for a while like he's tired and wants to rest, and he breathes rapidly nonstop. I dont know if this is a sign of old age because I have no idea what his specific age was when I purchased him from Petco exactly - but he might be a few months or a few years.

Right now he's on his wheel and he's just panting rapidly.

Can someone help me with an estimate?


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    I'd remove the wheel to encourage rest - it might not do any good but I doubt it'll do any harm. Apart from that if he's already been like this for a week I'd try and think of ways to get him seen by a vet anyway - being like this for a week isn't good. In the meantime, check his substrate isn't dusty just incase thats causing problems and you could also make sure there're no other potential irritants around (e.g someone painting the room, someone suddenly using aerosols nearby and other things like that could all potentially cause breathing problems). Have you changed anything in the cage recently?
  • Turns out he wont even eat the oats that I gave him. So I doubt he'll eat the rice. He's not very tame so I dont think the vet will be able to handle him. My parents said yes to taking him to the vet because I can pay for his visit. Plus our vet sees our dogs and other animals too so I get a discount.

    Last time I took Pudge to the vet before she died it was only 45$ USD. I took out his wheeel. Should I make a hospital cage for him or get him a plastic hospital cage? What should I be doing while whe recovers? I think when he gets an antibiotic in his system he'd be willing to eat more, but that wont be for a few days until I take him to the vet which is tomorrow.

    I'll try to get the clearest bedding possible which I'm pretty sure is Kaytee Clean N Cozy here in America. It's more expensive but I know it works well on the sense. I currently have him on Sunseed Gerbil Mouse & Rat Diet. Should I order/change his food? Or would that be too stressful on his stomach?

    Should I just keep him on a mixture of oats & rice? (Should I mix the oats in some milk or water and cook the rice and possibly use some brown rice in the mixture as well?) What vegetables do you reccomend?

    Do sesame seeds fair well with the stomach? What about watery vegetables or would that upset the tummy and cause diaroreeha? I dont want to do anything that causes upsets to any parts of the body since he's so small.

    Right now his current setup he has Aspen Shavings. I know they are kinda dusty as well so I'll go to Petco or Petsmart and clean his cage out right away or at least put him in a much smaller, hospital cage for the time being.

    PS: Would my ten gallon tank work as a hospital cage? Without his wheel.
  • i did switch his cage and he's in his ten gallon tank right now and he's faring much better. I talked it over with a friend on Skype and if he shows complications in the morning i'll take him to the vet ASAP when I get home - but the thing is I dont think he needs the vet anymore because yeah he's breathing fast but he was burrowing and even eating when I put him in the ten gallon (with paper beddinb btw). Maybe I can get a fleece throw when I get to walmart next and line that in the base of the cage and rearrange his stuff and change his paper to fresher kaytee clean and cozy.

    He has kaytee clean and cozy right now - he just doesnt have CLEAN - Clean and Kozy.

    I want to freshen up his bedding, but put a thing of fleece as the basing and so on. Then I want to give him the rice and possibly mushy (with water) oats and maybe even cooked pasta would fair better with him. Little pieces though.

    Maybe I can get some fleece acessories made tomorow like a hammock or a cuddle cup and place them in his cage sometime soon, if not make them I know the pet shop sells them and I can buy them ASAP. If he starts acting up I'll take him to the vet.
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