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Resperatory infection?

Sorry, not quite sure if im spelling this i got two new mice to keep my two older (still only had them for a month) mice company. I have given up on that, as Bunny is apparently vicious to any other mouse but Belle. So i have Buttercup and Bubbles together, and Bunny and Belle together. So when i got my mice, Belle was sneezing, but i assumed it was an allergy to the bedding, and waited it out. It has now been 1 1/2 weeks, and she is still sneezing. Now she is making a sort of chattering sound, so i think its a reperatory infection. First, are they contagious? Bunny doesnt seem to have any symptons, and i would assume she would by now. Also, do i seperate her? Lastly, about the vet. My parents are very concerned about how much they have had to take my mice to the vet lately, and the cost. They say that its just mice, and not worth it :(. How much would antibiotics cost, and would i need to give them to all of my mice, as they have recently interacted? Can it kill them? Please help i know nothing!!


  • It does sound like it might be a respiratory infection :( Antibiotics don't usually cost much, we're planning to see if we can see a vet tomorrow and I expect the consult to be the biggest part of the bill by far (not that that'll be too bad either at my vets).
    Respiratory infections can be contagious but if you separate or not seems to be a personal choice.

    Respiratory infections really are best treated, they can be pretty nasty otherwise and unfortunately sometimes can kill. Other members will have more experience but from everything I've read treatment is definetly a good idea - we have mice on meds for one at the moment (its what we're going back to the vets about tomorrow too, we think the antibiotics need extending).

    If only one mouse has symptoms theres a fair chance she's the only one who needs to be treated, we're treating our whole big group at once at the moment but its because most of them started with symptoms at once. We did treat a single mouse in the group for a day, then the rest started and we had to change how we were giving the meds so that everyone gets them instead.
  • If your girl does have a resp infection she's probably had it over a week already so its probably unlikely that she'll suddenly worsen and die without any warning but I'm glad she will be seeing a vet tomorrow :)
    I can't guarantee they won't kill if not treated - ours are always treated as soon as symptoms show.
  • _Kipperbo1_Kipperbo1 Legacy
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    Ok i went to the vet and i have the how do i get them to eat it!!! Lol
  • Er... With difficulty? :P There is a thread on the subject at the top of the health section though
  • _Kipperbo1_Kipperbo1 Legacy
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    Thanks! I got her to eat it in a cracker! :)
  • Well done, when Filbert needed it dosed individually I had to resort to sticking it on his head and watching him wash it off lol
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
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    Fingers crossed that the antibiotics help her and it's good that you've been able to give it with a cracker. We usually soak a tiny piece of biscuit with the antibiotics and give it twice a day, or it can be mixed up with Malt Paste, which most mice seem to like :)
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