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Urgent advice needed - mouse only just responsive

I've said in another thread that Castanea is seriously ill and basically we think she's dying. This is me asking if anyone has any advice at all?

We found her lying still on her left side, her eye on that side is gunky, we don't really know if its closed or not. We tried to clean it with a wet cotton bud but have now left it as it distressed her. She has blinked her right eye and that one seems normal.

She seemed to be dehydrated so we've been syringing half drops of water to her. She has become less dehydrated over the hour since we found her. Apart from that we've seen her move her four paws, she has washed slightly and she has twitched the whiskers on the right side of her face normally but we don't think shes twitched the left ones (they have moved slightly but that may be with her lips). Shes moved her mouth slightly and is moving her head a bit to drink when water is offered. We've also given her a drop of baytril as if shes not been drinking shes not been getting her baytril either.

At the moment she gets water every 15 mins (we stop offering when she stops seeming to drink it), shes being held at all times to keep her warm and we plan to syringe her water right through the night. We don't believe an emergency vet could help (apart from euthanising her) but can see one if needed. We will be seeing a vet at 9am with her if she survives the night. If she goes to sleep we'll let her sleep longer between water (probably 30 mins instead of 15). When (or if) we want to sleep she'll go in a carrier with a snugglesafe nearby and we'll check the temperature every 15 mins when we do her water.

Any advice? Anything else we could do? Should we be doing things differently? All thoughts will be gratefully recieved


  • _Kipperbo1_Kipperbo1 Legacy
    Posts: 38
    Poor Castanea! I don't think there is much else you can do right now. :( i hope she makes it through the night! Best of luck to you and her!
  • Thanks, I really appreciate the good thoughts. She's still with us so far, currently curled up on my chest so that shes nice and warm and safe. If nothing else the body heat will hopefully be comforting her. We really don't know if she has any chance of making it through this but we're determined to do the best we possibly can for her
  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    Awww heck :( I think the main things are not to let them get too dehydrated and not to let them get too cold and it sounds like you are doing everything possible to help her. I've done the same when I've had a very poorly mouse. I've had very mixed success over time but I have pulled two mice back from the brink, Fleur & Cookie so lets hope Castanea still has that spark of fire in her that wants to keep burning. She is still drinking so to me thats always a good sign.

    Come on Castanea girl, keep fighting xxx
  • Thanks Alison but unfortunately she just died in my hands. One moment she was having a scratch, the next she'd stopped breathing.
    Thanks again for confiming that we were doing the right things
  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    :( :( :( I am sorry xxx
  • Thanks for the sympathy. I'm just gutted to have lost one again :(
    Its always those born here who go in the hardest ways too, its been the same with the Peeplets we've lost so far (the Peeplets were the hamster litter born here when we fostered their Mum)
  • _Kipperbo1_Kipperbo1 Legacy
    Posts: 38
    Im so sorry! At least you know you tried your best. RIP Castanea! :angel:
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
    Posts: 303
    Oh no, I'm sorry I just posted on your other thread about Castanea before reading this. Really sorry to hear you've lost her. I'm sure you did everything you could for her :hug:

    Run free Castanea :angel:
  • Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the condolences
    We had her autopsied this afternoon and its given us a new understanding of whats going on with the group so hopefully her death will at least help us save everyone else
  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    Sorry to read this :hug:

    Will keep my fingers crossed for the others x
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