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Mouse with OCD

Hello everyone :3

So a while ago I posted here about my mouse Toulouse, who has OCD. He's been having injections of Dexamethasone for approx. 5 months now, and was doing so well on them. But recently, he has relapsed quite badly. The vet has said he will no longer give Lou his injections as it appears they are not working, and that his body is most likely building immunity to the Dexamethasone.

These past few weeks, his OCD has seriously increased... He has cataracts on both eyes, he managed to scratch one of them open the other day. His scratching has spread from his head down to his neck now, and it's slowly moving further down his body. But the problem I'm having with making "the decision" is that he still eats, drinks, and plays normally - despite sleeping a little more. So I guess he still has quality of life, right? He's currently on Metacam every night to ease the pain, but I know it's not a long-term solution, as his scratching is only getting worse. I don't know what to do. I feel so awful that I'm unable to help him, and yet I feel like he is still his normal self, psychologically.

Has anyone else here had an OCD mouse? When did you know it was 'time'?

Thank you x


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Ah, you're just trying to confuse us with the new username. Weren't you Eifiex before?

    A few of us have had mice with OCD scratching and yes it's awful, not being able to find a solution. I have found one product that has made the world of difference to my mouse Mowbli, I got him in April and shortly afterwards he started scratching and then I started to develop raw, itchy patches too. It took my doctor quite a while to diagnose what my problem was (it turned out to be ringworm) and she prescribed Terbinafine which is marketed over the counter as Lamisil. I did my best to research online and I also discussed it's use on a mouse with my vet and since I've been using it on Mowbli his sore patches have greatly improved. It isn't a complete cure sadly as he is still scratching but I'm far less worried about him now.
  • _Pomtreez_Pomtreez Legacy
    Posts: 78
    Hi there, my mouse Jerry just had this issue too, scratching his face, head and neck. He was raw and infected. The vet actually put an e-collar (cone of shame on him) and I administered oral Prednisone (tapered down). He is recovered now and the hair and grown back! :) He itches on occasion, but hardly ever, vs every few seconds before.
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