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Mouse keeps biting me

I've had my mice for about a month now and for the past few days whenever I put my hand in the cage one of my mice will run up to it and bite me really hard. I can only get her out by tempting her into an empty toilet roll and when she is being handled she's fine and doesn't bite, it's only when I put my hand in the cage. My hands are clean whenever I hold them so it's not that, does anyone have any advice? Thanks. :)


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    Don`t take it personally. Some mice will have a nip like this. I`ve had the same behaviour when spot cleaning my mice and one of the females would see my hand and lunge from the egg box she was hiding in! I believe it`s a case of mistaken identity. Or rather, they see something and don`t associate it with `you`. All they see is something strange in their territory. As you mentioned, she`s fine when out being handled, so this behaviour is possibly due to most mice not loving human hands. When they smell a hand, they will half close their eyes in disgust!

    So it`s a matter of trying not to allow your hand to be still and approached by an inquisitive nose! Mice won`t normally behave aggressively unless they are stressed or ill. Most of the time these nips are fairly explainable.
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