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Help! Advice needed

Hi all, just a post seeking some advice. One of my mice had a litter probably a week and half ago everything was going fine until the last few days. My little mousey had a litter of 5 they were healthy and i started handling them everything was good. Then i checked on them yesterday then there was only 2 left. I checked on them today and now there are no more and the nest they were in has been totally cleaned up. I checked all underneath the bedding and nothing. This is the second litter this mouse has had and there were no complications with the first. Could the babies have escaped or is it more likely that the mother has killed them? The babies hadn't opened there eyes yet and were slowly learning to crawl. I had a few nannies from a previous litter from the same mom and they were great nannies for them. Can anyone please tell me what could have gone wrong or if they could have escape. Thanks!


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