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Hi! I am a first time mice owner and have some worries!

Hi everyone! I'm Lauren and have three girl mice, since Friday. They are all settled well. But the thing is, I've fed them treats here and there and keep thinking my fingers are food when I rest my hand in the cage so they get used to me. They will go to nip me all the time to taste me even when my hands are clean. I just have such bad anxiety about them biting me (one of them made me bleed before) so now I'm feeling really down because I haven't handled them yet and its been nearly a week. Low self esteem :cry: does anybody have any advice? They are about 6 weeks old.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    The mice will just take time to learn what's edible and what isn't. A nice, safe place to get them used to you is an empty bath (with the plug in). You can put their whole cage in if it will fit or you can transfer the mice to the bath by encouraging them to go into a cardboard box or tube. You can then lean over the edge of the bath to interact with your mice without worrying that they might escape. If you're really worried about your fingers, you could wear some gloves while handling the mice.
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